Bumgenius VS. Kushies

Updated on November 09, 2009
N.M. asks from Hutto, TX
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If this has already been covered, my apologies. I have read several complete threads regarding cloth diapering recommendations, but can't read all of the threads. I also couldn't find a way to "search" this topic either.

I have a boy that just turned 2 who has very sensitive skin. We've had real problems with disposable diapers, though we have found a few that are truly hypoallergenic that have worked for us. He is potty training right now, so we aren't looking to change to cloth diapers with him.

However, for our next baby I'd really like to try cloth diapers from the beginning. I've done quite a bit of research so far and think I have narrowed it down to either Bumgenius or Kushies. I've seen lots of good comments regarding Bumgenius on this site.

Does anyone have any experience with Kushies? Anyone used both and can compare?


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answers from Killeen on

I understand where you are coming from with the sensitive skin. My son has ezcema and we have to use certain detergent, soap, lotions, etc. I like the Huggies sensitive skin brand, it really seems to keep it all under control. As for your question about cloth diapers.. if you are wanting to use these for your next baby then more power to you but if you are going to reuse them you need to consider weather the laundry detergent you use is going to work for your baby. You may run into the same problem you're having now with the disposable diapers. It seems like a never ending thing trying to keep your baby comfortable with no break outs but I would find what works and stick with it. Every baby is different, trust me.

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answers from Houston on

I've cloth diapered for quite a while now, and I've seen lots of reactions to different diapers. I have not tried Kushies myself, but here is what I've found.

For people that have only tried Kushies, they like them just fine. However, for people that have tried all the other cloth diapers out there, they hate Kushies. Does that make sense? They're ok unless you know of the better ones. I think the quality of Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz is far superior to Kushies.

Bumgenius are awesome diapers, though. I've not known many people who haven't liked them. They have other products (the Flip and Econobum) that are more about economy, but the Bumgenius one size pocket diapers are AWESOME!

***ETA The other posters have valid concerns. The velcro DOES wear out faster, but Cloth Babies replaced mine. Also, I have the Bumgenius one size organic all in ones, and they have snaps. I LOVE them! The snap placement is perfect. We have Fuzzi Bunz, too, but I actually find THEM to leak more often, and I don't get as trim a fit. We use Happy Heiney's as well, which I also like (though their snap version I don't like as much, their velcro lasts a long long time).

We used prefolds and covers for the first 2 months also, because they can be folded to fit a newborn better AND they're more affordable when you're changing your baby every hour! I had 36 and was so glad I had them all, though I did laundry every day when he was a newborn, with two in diapers. I'd recommend at least 18 (to wash every day) or 36 (every other day). Prefolds are a wonderful system!

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answers from Austin on

I've cloth diapered my 2 year old from the start. The first five months we used a diaper service with pre-folds and covers. That's when we purchased 2 bumgenius and several fuzzibunz. My only complaints have been with the bumgenius. They have worn terribly. They look twice as old as the fuzzibunz. The Velcro tabs are separating and frayed. I also find they sometimes leak. Meanwhile, my fuzzibunz still look new! Both have been easy to use and clean!

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answers from Houston on

I second that! I cloth diapered my last two kids. Here's the order of my favorites from best to worst of the ones I tried:

* BumGenius (one-size pockets), preferred the aplix(velcro)
* FuzziBunz (size Med, older style pockets), didn't like the snaps
* Happy Heiny's (one-size pockets), snaps
* Swaddlebees all-in-one (convenient but LONG drying time)

* Kissaluvs w/ Superwhisper wraps (I used these for the first 4-6 mos. With frequent diaper changes, I liked that I didn't have to re-stuff the pockets everytime)
* Kushies (they worked ok, but didn't even compare to the others)

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answers from Austin on

I used bumgenius and thought they were great, but they did get worn out. A friend told me if you save the receipt you can send them back and they will replace them for free. I didn't save my receipt so I didn't try, but live and learn! They are also not great for tiny babies. I used prefolds at first, then switched.

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