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Updated on November 15, 2011
K.R. asks from Denver, CO
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I use Bumgenius 4.0 diapers with my little guy. However, he has a diaper rash (I think because of teeth), and I was wondering if there was a diaper cream that will work with the cloth diapers. I know they say not to use cream on the instructions, but on some other sites it seems like there may be some creams that will wash out. Anyone with experience here???/

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answers from Denver on

Thirsties makes a great rash cream. Grandma El's is good too. Also Tilvee never worked for my daughters rash, but a friend of mine loved it!!

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answers from Spartanburg on

I used A&D with fuzzibunz and even though I stripped them, I still have problems...what I started doing and recommend is using your ointment of choice and adding a disposible diaper liner (I buy Kushies brand from Walmart.com) to the diaper...keeps the ointment from the cloth, allows the pee through. Gerber also sells them, google it...they are more expensive and harder to find but you can actually wash the liner a couple of times and reuse it too.



answers from Denver on

If you look specifically at a cloth diaper store (in your area or online) you will surely find some cloth diaper safe creams. I like Grandma El's. I also like Mountain Girl Botanics Bear Bottom.



answers from Chicago on

We used California Baby diaper cream. It washed out well from both prefolds and our BumGenius pocket diapers. It also smells really good. However, I did find it not as effective for "extreme" diaper rash (it didn't work on our antibiotic induced diaper rash), but it was great for "everyday" use. Plus, it's readily available at Target...unlike some of the other "CD friendly" creams.

Or, like others have said, use whatever cream you prefer and just use a liner. :) Fleece remnants work great!



answers from Los Angeles on

Cotton Babies sells a Bum Genius stay dry liner (basically what the first answer is talking about with the fleece). They are great because they keep the baby dryer, and you might not need as much diaper rash cream. But the point is that you can use the cream as long as the liner is in there. They are really nice too because you can lift them off the diaper so it's easier to rinse the poop off of it! Just go to Cotton Babies and search for stay dry liner. They come in a 6 pack.



answers from Washington DC on

To be honest, we used A&D with aloe and it didn't seem to maim the diapers. I like California Babies products, but didn't try their diaper cream.



answers from Phoenix on

I'm bad. I use Desitin and never had a problem with the diapers.


answers from Provo on

Anything that is coconut oil or lanolin based. The melting temp is a low one, so when doing a hot wash it washes right out.
My favorite are California baby (target), grandma el's, CJ's butter. OR you could make your own. Here is what I do.
I also have a couple groups on FB that I'm an ADM, but here is the best for asking questions. Join! You might get flack from the former non-modern cloth diapering moms. (when ever I have asked questions on here, I got flack of how disgusting it was and to give up and go back to disposables)
Happy diapering!!

**Or I have heard of mom's using breast milk



answers from Denver on

We use cloth, we are on kid #2 with the same batch of cloth diapers. I use diaper creme every day, and always have. I like the Mustella vitamin vapor barrier because it's lighter, and I use a type of powder too, which I think helps keep it from rubbing off on the diaper. I use Hugo powder - you can get it at whole foods, but it's insanely expensive, but has no dust.
I do also use Calmoseptine for a barrier creme, and it's thick, no problem with the diaper.

There was a very brief time we had baby #1 at day care and they could not figure out how to apply the diaper creme without getting it all over the diaper. Personally I have never had this problem. So, I am not sure if I just use less or if I'm just not sloppy.

Either way, I have never had a problem with the cloth diapers continuing to be absorbent.
Good luck!
(we use Fuzzibunz, but I don't think it matters)



answers from Great Falls on

Magic Stick! Best product ever made - it's like a big chapstick so you don't get messy applying, either. Just make sure their little bums are dry before applying. And it's so quick and easy we apply it at every change. Totally organic so you don't have to worry about baby's skin soaking up petroleum products in the 7 seconds it takes skin to absorb chemicals.




answers from Dayton on

Grandma El's works with cloth or I've had luck with any cream and liners. You can use just fleece cut from the remenant bin - you don't need to finish the edges of fleece even. Just cut to the size you want and go. The disposable liners work well too.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I use Burt's Bees diaper cream, bc it doesn't have Cod Liver Oil in it (that's the ingredient to avoid). My son gets rashes RARELY, but when he does, I use fleece liners to protect the diapers, even from the Burt's Bees, cuz the last thing I want to do is ruin an $18 diaper! Then I usually soak the fleece liners separately in Dawn before washing with diapers. You can buy fleece liners, but honestly, it's a rip off. Go to a fabric store and get 1/2 yard or so of fleece (you can often find it in the remnant box) and cut it to whatever size you want. Fleece doesn't fray, so you don't have to know how to sew. The other benefit of the liners, is that fleece wicks moisture away from skin, so it will also help to keep him drier while he is getting over the rash. My son was getting a rash from mineral build up our BGs awhile back, bc we have really hard water. You may also want to strip your diapers, or at least do a Funk Rock wash to make sure that's not the problem. If there is any stink at all in your clean dipes, or if it smells like ammonia when he pees, you probably have build up. Because BGs are synthetic material, they are more likely to have the stink. I switched to hemp inserts with ours, but the shell is still synthetic. I have to crank my hot water heater every time I wash my dipes, otherwise I get the stink! Good luck! Some of this stuff can be tricky, but TOTALLY worth it, and it gets easy once you find what works for you!

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