Building Shoulder Strength

Updated on May 07, 2012
K.L. asks from Fort Stewart, GA
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I have been doing the insanity workout for the past few weeks and everything is going well! However, one area that I struggle with is my shoulder strength. A lot of the exercises use the plank position focusing on the core. I feel like I can do more, except my shoulder strength holds me back. I have to drop down for a few seconds to reagain some sthreght in my shoulders before I can continue. Are there specific exercises that I can do to strengthen this area? Or, will my strength just increase aas I continue to do the pushups and other plank exercises? I am sure it is a combo of both, but am not sure shat I can be doing. Thanks!

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answers from Seattle on

Strength increases as you do more, but adding in different kinds of exercises will help, both in speeding things up, and by strengthening different sets of muscles. It's a circle... the more muscles you're using, the faster you get stronger

Climb ladders
Climb ropes
Arm circles (small and large)
Tray carrying (think restaurants)
Heavy backpacks (fill 2 liter bottles with water)
Backwards pushups (off the edge of a couch)
Lizard walking (think kids goofing off, or no wheelchair)
Low crawling (army guys)
Crawling (yep, just like a baby)
Handstands (against a door if your balance isn't good, yet)
Handstand pushups
Sex (quite a few positions)
Bucket carrying
Kid carrying
Tree climbing
Massage giving

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answers from Houston on

The more you do that stuff the more your shoulders will adjust, plank is a killer it took me awhile too.

You could try downward facing dog pushups.

But down dog without pushups will help too.

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answers from St. Louis on

here's a simple exercise: place the palm of your hands on the wall & do push-outs! Everytime you pass a bare a set. You'll be amazed at how much it helps! :)

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answers from New York on

Congrats on your exercise regime!

For shoulders, I use free weights and do overhead presses. That really helped, almost as much as my toddler requiring frequent picking up!

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