Build a for a 6 Year Old Girl????

Updated on April 06, 2011
M.M. asks from Canton, MI
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Looking for a little feedback on Build A Bear…we have never been. My daughter turns 6 on the 21st of this month which is over Spring Break. I am looking for something "special" I can do with her AND her 3 year old sister to get out of having a b-day party. Assuming some will be out of town that week (I know of 2 kids for sure that would be on the invite list & out of town), I don't want to even try to put together a little party. But, I DO want to make her day special too. Saw a commercial for Build A Bear last night and thought WOW, maybe this is something we can do….your thoughts? Is it fun for girls? Can my 3 year old participate? Is it a huge waste of time and money? Do you have any other suggestions for something fun in place of a party if Build A Bear is not a good idea?


I am sure this is asking too much, but if you have any coupons you would like to share, let me know and I will pass on my personal e-mail address. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all of you that provided such positive feedback!!! I am really excited to try this out with the girls!! They will love to experience something new, especially if it's hands on. You guys are ever so helpful!!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Totally fun and perfectly age appropriate for both a 6yr old AND a 3yr old! My girls are a bit old for BaB now, but a couple of years ago, they LOVED LOVED LOVED going there.

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answers from Roanoke on

She will LOVE it. My hubby took me to the one at the Mall of America and we made one to celebrate my graduation from graduate school..and I LOVED IT. We may have been the oldest ones there, but it's just so darn cute!

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answers from Chicago on

Are you kidding? I love build-a-bear! I'm sure you're six year old will have a blast. :)

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answers from St. Louis on

I took my 6 year old girl and 2 y/o boy while my daughter was on Spring Break, they had a blast. I strongly suggest finding some coupons before you go because its not cheap!

We really got a kick out of the little underwears too! lol



answers from San Francisco on

My daughter loved it when she was 8, so I guess a 6 year old would like it.



answers from Chattanooga on

Wow I would never post how to get out of giving my kid a birthday party. Ok so you don't feel like you can invite her friends so why not have a family party? And Build a bear is NOT just for 1 gender all my children have loved it there and the bears we have gotten them. Don't make that the only thing you do.. all kids love cake & ice cream. I can't do parties for my children where they invite other children over but I always giver them a family party



answers from Pittsburgh on

Your girls will LOVE it. That's about the age when we first went. We've been back MANY times since and have accumulated many Build a Bears.



answers from Pittsburgh on

OMG-yes! She will LOVE it! Bring lots of $$ though-it is pricey.



answers from Fort Wayne on

My 4 year old got Build A Bear for her 3rd Birthday. That dumb bear has better clothes than I do! LOL! She hates stuffed animals, but she LOVES her Build A Bear. She loves that she got to make it. My niece just went to BAB for her 6th birthday and loved it! Sign up for their email program when you purchase the bear and they'll send you coupons for the clothes ALL the time. Most of the time the coupons are for at least half off.
It's not an all day thing though, unless there's a horrendous line. It's fun though :)



answers from Washington DC on

We've taken our 4 and 1/2 y/o several times and she LOVES it. Both of your children will enjoy picking out their animal. They can even pick out a heart to go inside the animal. After the animal has been stuffed they have a little "bathing" station setup so your children can "clean" their animals. (No water just pretend.) Then they can pick out outfits to dress their new friend in. When all that is done they/you sit at the computer and register their friend for a birth certificate. Also mention to the staff that it is your child's birthday and they will include a little something extra for your daughter. You will all have a great time. My daughter really enjoys her "friends" and clearly remembers making each one.

P.S. The stuffing station can be a bit loud, explain it to your 3 y/o so the noise doesn't startle her.


answers from Cincinnati on

So weird. I could have written this post!!! My daughter is turning 6 on April 20th during her spring break, and we're taking her and our 3 year old boy to Build a Bear, among other things to make her bday special. We have been once before, and 2 years later, she still sleeps with that gray kitty whom she named "Dobeedee" We bought a pajama outfit for Dobeedee, and she has been a great friend to have at night. We paid about $35 after clothes were added, but I think it was probably worth the price.

Go, she'll love it!


answers from Philadelphia on

Build a Bear is awesome for a 6 year old. My daughter LOVED it there. I could not walk through the mall without getting her a new bear or animal. Hence I stopped going to the mall. LOL Do it, she will absolutely love it!!!



answers from New York on

My daughters 5 and 6.5 absolutely love Build a Bear. I cringe at how much money we've probably spent there. So likely it'll be fun but beware the pandora's box it may open. :)



answers from Bangor on

my now 7 and 4 year old dd's have had their build a bears for 3 years...they still love them and play with them nearly everyday...instead of playing babies they use their bears...we have a ton of stuff for the of the best investments we have made as far as toys go.



answers from Dallas on

Oh...they will LOVE it! I take my 22 month old and he loves it! He can't even really wrap his head around it, so your daughter is at the perfect age.



answers from Omaha on

Your children will love Build A Bear! It is fun for all ages. Heck, a former boyfriend and I went there for fun on a date a couple of times! LOL You can also look into they are the same type of thing except the kids actually hand stuff the animals (BAB uses a machine). You can either order directly from them and put the animals together yourself or have a workshop leader come to your home and conduct a small party. I used to be a leader myself and they are tons of fun. Prices are reasonable too and the products are excellent quality. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Try to go when they are not hosting a Bday party for someone else...the line and wait time can get long when that is happening!



answers from Washington DC on

My babysitter used to work at build a bear. She would tell me all the fun things she would do with the kids there. I think they would love it!

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