Budget Friendly Cmas Gifts for 1 Year Old and 4 Year Old Girls?

Updated on November 17, 2010
E.D. asks from North Reading, MA
4 answers

My mother, MIL and SIL are asking me for gift ideas for my kids which I haven't thought about yet. What did your 1 and 4 year old girls love to receive for Christmas? Thanks!

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answers from New York on

Puzzles, books, library cards, play-doh "sets", play jewelry (dollar store), art supplies (Toys R Us has a great sale on Crayola right now), dolls, tickets to a children's activity, membership to a local play gym or museum...

If your mom lives locally, she could buy a set of holiday cookie cutters and have the 4 yr old spend a morning baking with her... purchase the apron and the cutters (great for play-doh and stencils too) that she can take with her at the end of the day. Then she could wrap the goodies to give to the family as a gift! My mom did this with my son last spring for Easter and they had a blast!



answers from Las Vegas on

get the 4 year old an art easel.. the one that you can draw with markers on one side and chalk on the other. Target has them and I don't think they are overly expensive. Also, it's a gift that if the child does like to draw/color will last for years.. I bought my son one when he was about 4 and he is now 9... and still uses it.. best gift idea ever .. at least for us since my son loves to draw.
We also used to practice the ABCs on it..



answers from Gainesville on

Puzzles, My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, If they are crafty they can make dress up clothes, blocks they can both play with, coloring books and crayons, play doh, paints and paper, books. My kids like weird stuff too-my daughter is going to get an animal print towel like her brother has and she will go crazy over it lol


answers from Norfolk on

Sock monkeys for both of them, and a cardboard box playhouse for the 4 yr old. Check out the local appliance stores for big enough boxes.

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