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Updated on January 06, 2012
M.L. asks from Lake in the Hills, IL
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When I get a cold I love taking a hot bubble bath but know bubble baths can cause UTI's. If I use a tampon while taking a bubble bath would this prevent getting a UTI? I feel ignorant even asking!

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answers from St. Louis on

No, wrong hole.

I have been taking bubble baths for somewhere around 43 years and never had a UTI, well at least from a bath. Generally extreme stress can weaken me enough to get them.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I am pretty sure that will not help. It is the tiny pee hole that leads to your urinary tract, that is the one you worry about. If you clean your tub really well right before, it helps. I do this before every bath. I have not had problems since. I dont usually put bubbles in, that can cause a UTI. I like the aveeno oatmeal bath :)

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answers from Chicago on

No a tampon is in your vagina, and a uti happens in your bladder or urinary tract. Two different places and body parts.

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answers from Chicago on

Nope. A tampon has nothing to do with your urinary tract. They are 2 different openings.

Bubble bath can also cause yeast infections (same opening as the tampon) but the tampon won't help that because the water can still swish around - the tampon would just absorb the water and the bubble bath.

The actual problem with bubble baths is that the soap 'sticks' to you, basically. If you don't rinse well the residue can cause bacteria to gather... thereby causing the infection.

Just don't sit in the bubble bath for HOURS....... get in, do your bid'ness and get out.... Shower (or at least rinse off with clean water) after your bubble bath.

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answers from Charlotte on

Don't feel bad asking. You are right about bubble baths causing UTI's. Here's a link for you to read about UTI's and bubble bath.


I do think that it's okay to take a bubble bath once in a while. But I wouldn't do it often because you really don't want to suffer with a UTI, ouch!

I do want to point out that a tampon would not help, because the vagina, where the tampon goes, doesn't have anything to do with a UTI. The urethra is up above your vagina, and is a tube that goes up to your bladder. Could you possibly be getting mixed up between a UTI and a yeast infection? A yeast infection does involve the vagina, but isn't caused by a bubble bath.


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answers from Anchorage on

Are you pron to UTIs? If not, don't worry. I take bubble baths on an almost daily basis, soaking till the waters cold, and I have never had a UTI.



answers from Chicago on

A bath once in a while should be fine. Once your done however, just like after sex many feel it is helpful to urinate to clear anything that may have seeped in. Also drink plenty of water and also cranberry juice(not cocktail) helps change the acidity level and tha bacteria then don't enjoy sticking to the walls. Also do your kegels to keep the spichter that helps keep the urine in and other stuff out strong.



answers from Chicago on

No. Different lines down there. Tampons in vagina and uti is in urinary tract.


answers from Washington DC on


A tampon does not go up your urethra - it goes in your vagina.

Bubble baths do not cause UTIs...if done in moderation...you need to ensure that you urinate as soon as you are done with your bubble bath to evacuate any bacteria that got up your urethra while you were relaxing.

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