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Updated on October 13, 2010
J.B. asks from Mount Laurel, NJ
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My daughter fell onto the edge of a wooden bed frame a little over 3 weeks ago. She had a scrape which never scabbed and didn't cut through the skin (no bleeding), and a bruise. Although it has faded a ton, she still has a slightly purplish/pinkish line on her cheek where she hit the edge. I am now worried this will be there forever. The doctor told me that it should go away with time, but I am still concerned that it is still there. Other bruises she has had have been gone in a week or so. Has anyone else had their child hit the edge of table,etc. that left a mark for a long time? Thanks for any responses.

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answers from Washington DC on

A nurse that I work with fell hitting the pavement she had a bruise the purplish blue on her face for about 3 months. You have taken her to the dr . All should heal within time sometimes just a little longer...

take care

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answers from Honolulu on

It will take time to go away completely... don't worry. I know, its on her face and you are concerned. Things like this can take awhile to go away completely.

My daughter, when 2 years old, fell and hit her forehead, HARD, on the edge of a shelf.... and it was a "line" shaped bruise and injury/blood but her skin was not cut through either... and her head, actually got 'dented' too.
It took time, to heal/go away. Months I'm talking.
BUT, even to this day, although the discoloration is gone... there is a very slight line shaped 'dent' still in her forehead which I as her Mom can see, when her forehead is crinkled up or when making certain expressions. But only me or my Hubby can detect this "dent."

Your daughter got hit on the cheek..the cheek, naturally has "padding". And being young, kids have lots of collagen and elastin in their skin. Unlike "old" skin. So it heals better.
But this time versus her other bruises, your girl seems to have gotten this bruise, from a hard impact... thus the under the surface breaking of blood vessels but no bleeding.. .and probably a 'hematoma' bruise.
So this bruise, is a deeper tissue bruise, than the other ones she got.

You could try, vitamin E, on it.

Or, try "Arnica Gel" on it.... which is VERY good for bruises... and is all natural. Whole Foods has it or any natural food store.
I would get Arnica Gel anyway... for future use on ANY bruises. It is VERY good and will take away a bruise, rather efficiently.
I ALWAYS have this in our medicine cabinet. It is also good for aches.

all the best,

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answers from Portland on

While this is most effective when applied right after an accident, there's a wonderful homeopathic cream that helps resolve bruises faster. Look for a tube of St. John's Wort (Hypericum) oil or cream at your local nutrition center. It's widely used, safe for very young children, doesn't stain or sting.

I was butted in the eye by a rowdy kid (of the goat kind) several years ago, and by the time I got into the house, my eye had swollen almost shut. I alternated St. John's Wort cream every twenty minutes with another one called Arnica Montana (good for bruises and sprains), and three hours later, there was no sign of injury except two small tears in the skin near my eye. The results impressed even me, and I've used these creams for many years.



answers from Chicago on

My son fell at daycare about 8 weeks ago and his bruise is still there. It takes time and it was a hard hit.

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