Brownish Mucus Vaginal Discharge During Exclusive Breastfeeding Help!

Updated on September 09, 2010
M.A. asks from Hagerstown, MD
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Hello mamma's and thank you in advance for your advice and wisdom. I am going to contact my ob about this tomorrow or the next day but I am anxious that I might be pregnant again and want to know if anyone has had experience with this issue. I am 3 months postpartum and exclusively BF, I have had a brown mucous discharge for the last 2 days and sore nipples during BF for a few days longer that that. My baby is fussy at the boob and I have a deep pain in my left breast when it is full of milk. I have not had a period yet or have I ovulated as far as I know (ovulation usually painful for me in one side). I can't remember exactly when we could have conceived but it would have been with in the last month. Sorry for the TMI.

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You could be having a period. Your cycle can be very erratic during breastfeeding. While nursing my older two children I had no periods for 13 months each time. With my third, my period started back at 6 weeks. I could not believe it! I got pregnant when she was only four months old, and miscarried. After that my periods came back like clockwork. I'm 9 weeks postpartum with my fourth baby right now. I've already had some spotting a few weeks ago. Just so you know I breastfeed exclusively on demand. In my experience, nursing during a period is pretty miserable. I agree with Betty in regard to mastitis. I've had it several times. I use colloidal silver to treat the infection instead of antibiotics, which I never take. For swelling and pain, try placing cool cabbage leaves on your breast. Sounds crazy, but it really works. If you're concerned about pregnancy you could always get a cheap test. Good luck!


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Does it also feel warm where the pain is? It sounds like a case of mastitis.(a clogged milk duct that has led to infection) The baby is fussy at the breast because the milk is salty due to the infection. You can keep nursing and hand expressing to eventually work out the infection along with warm compresses, but sometimes antibiotics are useful. I had it so bad in one breast that it became excruciating, I gave in and had my doctor give me antibiotics. I would see your doctor about it.

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I like the advice from the ladies below.

Brown mucus sounds like old blood in mucus. If it smells bad, it could be an infection. Breast feeding doesn't necessarily prevent ovulation for long. Maybe ovulation doesn't hurt for you now. A visit to the OB won't hurt.

Good luck,
: ) MD


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Hot compresses and squeeze/massage.... to help your discomfort and possibly dislodge a clogged duct..... but definitely go see your doc asap.
I got pregnant during my second month of BF my first son... my only problem was that I couldnt make enough milk and finally had to stop nursing him when he was about 5 months old.

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