Brownies in Muffin Cups? Edge Pans

Updated on April 20, 2013
M.L. asks from Conneaut, OH
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I need to bring brownies to an event. I don't have one of those Edge pans that make individual brownies. so first question do you have one and love it or is it not that great?

Second question, my brownies usually crumble once i cut them so i was going to try to make them in muffin tins, I did try once before and used cupcake liners and couldn't get them out of the liners when it was time to eat them. What is the secret to this? no liners and lots of cookie spray?


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So What Happened?

the flour made the difference thanks so much for walking me through it. one other issue i had was some had nice flat tops and others were mounded but weirdly not like muffins exacly. if anyone sees this and knows why i would love if you pmed me tx oh and i tried the duncan heinze flavor mixes for frosting and the mint was not good orange cremes great

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You can bake them in muffin tins with spray as others have said. You can also spray the liners directly. I do this all the time when I need to take brownies or muffins to an event and I want them to look "polished" but not stick to the liner.

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Now I'm hungry!

I do brownies in muffin tins all the time. You're right -- liners are a mess and don't peel off cleanly. Just use baking spray and then flour the pans lightly (just put some flour in each muffin tin "cup", pick up the whole pan, move it around to dust the cups and dump all excess flour into the trash. Do not use the baking sprays that say they have flour already in them -- I think they do not work anywhere near as well as spraying and using real flour!

Important note: Do the spray and flour even if you are using a non-stick pan!!

You could get a "jewel pan" that makes 24 tiny cupcakes instead of 12 large ones. This makes terrific "brownie bites." Take care that they don't burn as they will cook quickly.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Never done them in muffin tins but I am sure it would work with spray.

The secret to cutting brownies is to use a plastic knife. I keep one in my drawer just for that purpose.

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i use my mini muffin pans to make brownie bites. The kids (and the adults) love them. Even though they are "non-stick", I treat them the same as my bread pans - crisco with flour coating. Works every time.

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answers from Anchorage on

I spray the muffin pan lightly with spray and then just run a knife around the outside rim before removing. For a special treat I will put an oreo in the middle of the brownie mix in each cup, so yummy.

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answers from Louisville on

you'll have better luck with your pans if you use butter instead of the sprays - you can control the butter, but the overspray on the pans eventually builds up...

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Crisco, then flour, the muffin pans.

I'm making some of these today only my tins are bigger, so the come out looking like FreeBirds "Pot Brownies".

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answers from Portland on

You can bake brownies in a cake pan. I don't know anyone that uses a special brownie pan. And, you do grease and flour the pan before putting in the batter. You can use spray but that builds up over time to make a sticky mess.



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I bought one of those 'Perfect Brownie' sets for my sister who LOVES to bake 2 years ago. It is still in its box.

Spray each muffin 'hole' lightly with cooking spray or at least flour. When you remove the pan from the oven, take a knife and edge around each hole, while it is still warm and not completely cooled.

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