Brown Spotting in First Trimester

Updated on September 06, 2009
C.C. asks from Little Elm, TX
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I was on birth control until I recently realized I was pregnant. I'm already 9 weeks pregnant and have been spotting with a brown discharge for over a week. I've been to my doctor and she says everything is fine, but I'm having a hard time trusting her....I'm so paranoid. I had a sonogram, and the baby is great and has a heartbeat and everything. I just want to know if anyone else has been through this. It would make me feel better, because my other pregnancies were not like this.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Brown discharge usually signifies old blood. I would be more concerned if the discharge had bright blood in it. That would indicate fresh bleeding. Trust your doctor. If the bleeding stopped and is just being flushed out, and the baby is going well, you should be fine.


answers from Dallas on

Hi C.,

My first pregnancy didn't have this but my second did all the way up to about 15 weeks. Like Tammie said, mine was placenta previa made worse because I was carrying multiples...the doctor just told me to take it easy (which I didn't to be honest) and that as long as the blood wasn't bright red, it wasn't a major concern...Like I said, it did eventually stop.



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Dont worry totally normal I had this with my second pregnancy.



answers from Dallas on

hi there....i'd go to your doctor everyday to listen to a heart beat (just to be on the safe side.) i had this with my third pregancy right at about 8-9wks as well.



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I had this early on with both pregnancies- scared the heck out of me both times. Every time I went to the bathroom and saw it again, I got all upset all over again. The doctor told me that it was not a concern because it was not bright red. She never could give an explanation as to why it happened with me. Both of my daughters turned out just fine!
I know it's hard, but try not to worry too much. It will probably go away within a week or two.

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