Brown Discharge from Nose

Updated on January 29, 2008
B. asks from Cypress, TX
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My almost three year old daughter sneezed twice tonight and had a brown discharge that looked a lot like poop come out of her nose both times. We asked her if she put anything up her nose and she said no but we can't figure out why else she would be having dicharge like this. Both time it's been brown about the size of a pea. It looks like chewed dog food or poop. It's really grossing me out. My husbands wants to wait to see if it happens again before we take her to the doctor. Has this happened to anyone else?

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So What Happened?

It never happened again. We didn't take her to the dr., we just waited it out. She's doing great and is happy as ever. She's had a check up since then and her ears and throat were fine. He even commented on how healthy she has always been! Thanks for the advice.

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Sometimes infection means brown as well as green. She might have a sinus infection so I would definitely take her in.


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i have four children, if she was outside,probably dirt. if it continues or bloody go to dr. otherwise one of those mysteries you'll never know!



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My daughter was 3 years old when she stuck a tiny cotton fiber the size of a qtip from a blanket she carried around with her in her nose. Of course I did not know this until she had a sore under her nose that would not heal. Her nose was not stopped up, it just ran a little bit continuously. I took her to the doctor 3 times due to the sore spreading and none of the medications the doctor prescribed made any difference. The doctor's last resort was to admit her in the hospital for a staph infection. Of course I was freaking out and then the doctor said he thought he saw something in her nose (after 3 visits - what????) anyway, he got out his tweezers and pulled this simple piece of cotton from her nose. The cotton was causing her nose to drip, it was like a light tan color and therefore causing the sore to remain open and spread. Once the cotton was removed the sore cleared up in 3 days. This went on for almost 2 weeks. So, I guess my advice is to check out the inside of your daughter's nose very well, because kids will be kids and if it does happen again - go to the doctor. Good Luck.



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Ditto: take her to doc!!



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You have probably gone to the doctor by now, but my 3 yr old shoved a sponge up her nose, that we did not know about. The symptom was a runny nose on one side only. It ran so continuously, even though I was dosing with Triaminic regularly, that she had a red line below her nostril down to her lip where it ran most often. Then she began to really stink! You could hardly get close to her. I called the doc and explained the problem when she started to smell so bad and the nurse said, "she's stuck something up her nose". I got the tweezers and looked and sure enough I could just see the tip of something that definitely did not belong. My husband held our daughter and I tugged gently and out came a 3" x 3" piece of foam rubber that she had apparently found at daycare. With it came a lot of mucus and some blood, but it was mostly a brown gunk mixture of the two. Once it was out she said she felt much better and she was fine by the next day.



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Take her to the doctor.



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I've never seen that. I have 6 kids and over 20 nieces and nephews...



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seriously wierd, take her to the doctor asap. you might be right that there is something up there. good luck.

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