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Updated on March 18, 2012
S.A. asks from Eagle River, WI
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My daughters have been sick on and off since Feb 11. Oldest, high fever(103-104) for 4 &1/2 days, cough, runny nose. Youngest, high fever(101.6) 1 day, runny nose off and on for 2-3 weeks. Brought both daughters back to dr a week and a half ago because oldest ended up with a 102.5 fever and youngest was still pretty stuffy.. Both got put on antibiotics. They ended Fri am. Now I ended up in er yest, diagnosis svt and bronchitis. Feel awful! 102 fever,not really going down, on tylenol, zithromax, mucinex. Guess my question is do you think my girls antibiotics will fight off this infection I have, even if their meds ended yest, the day that my symptoms started? I am going to call the dr on Mon. No fevers in either, but my oldest has a dry hacky cough that started again Wednesday. Any input would be appreciated. I'm already not feeling well and tend to be a worrier(aren't all of us parents with their children to an extent)? Thank you.

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answers from Boston on

According to my doctor, bronchitis can either be from a virus or bacteria. If it's viral, then antibiotics won't help. If it's bacterial, then they will.

I agree that rest is key & inhalers help A LOT. A brief course of steroids is also helpul with respiratory inflammation. I find a cool mist humidifier is good.

Don't worry about yourkids until you know you have to. Chances are they gave you the infection rather than the other way around.

Get some rest & take it easy.

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answers from Atlanta on

Ditto TJ -if it's bronchitis, the only relief is going to come from an inhaler, steam, warm liquids -and sleeping with my head elevated always helps. I used to get it once or twice a year, and it's MISERABLE and unfortunately one of those things that time has to take care of for the most part. I have had luck in the past with a few cough suppressants -at least they seemed to work a little bit (Robitussin DM, Delsym). I'm sure you've already figured this out, but any exertion (if the child or person with it even feels like it) usually brings on a coughing fit.

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answers from Seattle on

Antibiotics don't help with bronchitis, and probably shouldn't have been given for a cough and runny/stuffy noses either. I get bronchitis once a year and the only things that work are albuterol inhalers and prednisone. Not sure what they would do differently for a child, but I'd ask! In the meantime try a humidifier or running the shower for a steamy bathroom and sitting in there.

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answers from Dallas on

What finally worked for me after a rescue inhaler and antibiotics didn't work was a round of steroids and a steroid inhaler. I would go back to the doctor and see if they can add some more in. I'm not a big proponent of steroids but they really do help get the inflammation in the lungs down. I was able to breathe so much better and my cough went away fairly quick. Nothing else was cutting it.

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answers from Boston on

It's quite possible that your children have built up enough antibodies to protect them, but it's also possible that they are more susceptible because they are weaker. Some of it depends on whether you have the same bug they had - if it's the same, they might be okay. If it's different, then their systems may not protect them. The meds aren't providing protection, just killing the bacteria and helping with symptoms.

Antibiotics will work for a bacterial infection but not a viral one, so it depends. I'm surprised by the number of people who think you should just load up on inhalers & steroids - these are not risk-free treatments, and you cannot use them long-term. If you work to increase your immune systems, you can reduce these infections. I used to get bronchitis 3-4 times a year, for 4 weeks at a time, and I was miserable. Constant coughing, no sleep (the coughing was worse at night), and I was never well. I have friends whose child was on a nebulizer 3 weeks out of 4 and had no life. They found a great product that changed their lives, and I used the same thing to strengthen my immune system (and my son's). No bronchitis or colds for over 4 years.

So think about whether the worry is worth it, or whether there is something you can do to prevent future illnesses. Aside from the toll that the worrying is taking on you (probably making you sleep less and become more vulnerable yourself), the expense of all the meds and copays is starting to add up. Prevention is generally much much cheaper in the long run, and better for your sanity and life style.

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