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Updated on January 16, 2007
S.T. asks from Fort Wayne, IN
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My 7 month old daughter was diagnosed with bronchitis just yesterday. Her Doctor said that there was nothing we could do for it. She said that it will get worse before it gets better. They did an oxygen test on her and they said that the results came back fine, but they want me to bring her back in tomorrow to do another test and a possible breathing treatment. My daughter also has eczema and the doctor also said something about that causing her to have asthma liks symptoms. I'm confused. Can someone help me out with this??

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So What Happened?

My daughter is doing so much better. She still has a runny nose and a little cough, but overall much better. The doctor decided not to give her a breathing treatment because she said that it was more for asthma than it was for the bronchitis. Since the doctor isn't sure that she has asthma she didn't take that route. Hopefully this ends soon. Thank you to everyone for the advice!!

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My daughter has continuous breathing/bronchial issues every winter. Trust me when I say you'd rather have them test her in the dr's office and give her a breathing treatment to keep her oxygen levels up b/c if not she'll end up in the hospital for days til the dr can get her oxygen level up and breathing better. Please write back if there are anymore questions. I would love to help in any way I can.

A. C

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Dear S.,
You doctor is correct, but maybe he isn't explaining it the best. I am a respiratory therapist and we deal with this all the time.I am also a mother of 8 mo old b/g twins. If your daughter has eczema, that CAN be an early sign of asthma in children. Asthma can't actually be diagnosed until a child is 4 yrs. But one common early sign is eczema and recurrent respiratory infections. My son is 8 months and just went through a round of RSV with lung wheezing which sounded like Asthma. He may most likely grow out of the wheezing when he gets sick and congested but he may not and end up with asthma.

Your daughter is the same. She has bronchitis because her airway is irritated from being sick. It does NOT mean she has asthma, but due to the eczema and the bronchitis it is something to be aware of as she continues to grow and maybe when she is old enough get her tested for. . . but only if persistant bronchitis, pneumonia, or lung wheezing continues as she gets older.

Many babies our kids age have wheezing and get bronchitis easily because their little airway diameter is so much smaller than that of an adult. Therefore, when their airways get irritated and swollen there is lest space for the air to squeeze through and you get wheezing. As they get bigger and their airways get bigger the irritation/swelling from being sick may not cause the same problems because there is more space for the air to get through.

Some kids airways are just a little more irritable than others. That is the case with my son, so I may take him to the doctor sooner if he gets sick than my daughter because his little airway reacts different to being sick than her.

I hope this helps. If you would like to ask me any more questions please send me a private message and I would be glad to help out! Good luck and take care of that precious little one!

Take care,

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I have a child with Asthma that developed this way. I would love to talk to you by phone and tell you the experiences I have had. I had a friend that helped me when I was in this same spot and it puts your mind at ease. Email me if you want my phone number [email protected]



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It depends if the bronchitis is bacterial or viral...if it's viral it has to run it's course...bacterial she can get antibiotics...most likely it will be viral due to the time of year. Eczema doesn't cause asthma. In fact it's the oposite...the eczema is a side effect of the asthma. You'll notice as she grows that every time her asthma flares up, the eczema will appear. If her brochitis is viral, all they can do is treat the symptoms. They'll most likely have to send her home with a nebulizer. Give her plenty of much as you can get her to'll help thin the mucus so she can cough it up or it can run out of her nose or be sucked out of her nose. Go to the pharmacy and get a bottle of "Little Noses" It's saline and will help thin the secretions in her nose to make it easier to suck out with the nasal bulb. Any fever can be teated with tylenol or infants motrin drops. As much as it's don't want use a'll dry up the mucus and make it hard to get it will react poorly with the albuterol that they will most likely put her on. There's also a possability that they may end up putting her on something like's a steroid that will need to be added to the nebulizer and it strenghtens the lungs. Some kids out grow their asthma by the time they're 12...others will have it for the rest of their depends what kind the kid has...I don't think the doctor can answer that's a time game. But not to won't always be this bad. Most kids build a tollerance to their triggers...not entirely...but where they can be exposed to certain amounts of their triggers without much trouble. Good luck to you and don't worry to much...things will get a little better.



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My 2 youngest children have asthma and allergies. The youngest has eczema also...The eczema doesn't cause the asthma...they are just seen together...but that doesn't mean that your child has asthma because they have eczema. If so the medications they have today are wonderful. Try oatmeal lotion or auqafor...they work well in stopping the itching and reducing the patches. Baking soda bathes are helpfulk too and limit the amount of soap you use with her...switch her to dove...very mild soap and pure too.

Be prepared that the breathing treatments will hype up the baby and you may see her heartbeatting rapidly when you look at her chest...very normal and may freak you out at first but it is common side effect and wears off. It is a small thing when you see how the breathing treatment opens up her lungs and she is breathing better.

Good luck and keep on top of this as you sound like you are doing a good job!!!!



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Hello S.,
My 22 month old son just got over bronchitis. He also had an ear infection and what they called 3 day measles. The doctors had us put him on a breathing machine 3 times a day and amoxycillin. I asked if being on a breathing machine meant that he would have asthma and they said that it's hard to say just yet, and if symptoms keep coming back every year, then it would probably be likely. But they said it's better to start treatment so if he does get asthma, it could help it to not be as bad. And, I also found out the past year that he also does have a little eczema. I haven't heard them compare it to the bronchitis or asthma symtoms though so I don't know about that. Good luck on everything though. Also, I noticed you wrote that you take online courses. I was interested in online courses because I have 3 kids at home that I take care of everyday ages 4, 22 months, and 1 1/2 months. So I was wondering if you would have any information about how to get started with online courses and what it's like to do it that way. Any info would be great,thanks. A.
[email protected]



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Welcome to the Ohio Valley! It seems like my daughter constantly has some kind of respiratory "gunk" going on! Right now she has wheezing and gunk in her nose and chest. They gave her a breathing treatment at the doc this week (which is a piece of cake) which helped immediately.

She also has eczema and I've read and heard quite a bit that there is a correlation eczema and asthma. Both of my little brothers had does have asthma.

As for the long as her oxygen levels are fine, I wouldn't worry too much, unless it continues for more than two weeks. That's typically when our doctor seems to start getting worried.

Anyhow...good luck and hopefully she'll get well very very soon!



answers from Elkhart on

i think you should get a second opinion about the treatment for your daughter. i work in the medical field. when someone has bronchitis they are put on an antibiotic and is given breathing treatments to try to prevent pneumonia. with your daughter being so young she should also be checked to make sure that she does not have RSV. RSV is a virus that can cause a young child to be admitted to the hosp.i'm not trying to scare you but you would be better off safe than sorry



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WebMD with AOL Health - What Causes Kids' Chronic Cough?

WebMD with AOL Health - Acute Bronchitis -- Home Treatment

This site is really good and the links above might answer your question and give you a little more help with the treatment. Good luck.

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