Bronchial Spasms in My 8Mo :(

Updated on June 19, 2011
J.S. asks from New Port Richey, FL
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So I've been asking questions about my son's breathing/croup/thrush for a while. Well I followed my instincts that it was something more than just a cold. We had to go to the ER Thursday night because he was having retractions and was really drowsy/fussy. Turns out that he never had croup, its been bronchial spasms this whole time. The ER doctor recommened we go to an ENT, so he has an appointment Monday, but I'm still worried about him.
How do I keep him playing quietly? He's all over and likes to babble and squeal when he's playing. He's a perfectly normal active 8mo boy, haha. I try to read to him of have him sit on my lap and play, but that only lasts a few minutes. When he gets excited or upset he starts having the spasms and you can tell it scares him, which upsets him more. I have a cool mist vaporizer going non-stop and we passed up on a boat trip because it's so humid. I did not think it would be a good idea to have him out in the heat all day, especially when it would take over an hour to get him to a hospital if something happened.
Basically, I want to know if you or anyone you know has had these spasms and what they could be caused by. I have noticed that if I give him motrin they aren't as bad, which makes me think its related to inflammation of some sort.

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answers from Los Angeles on

my son was diagnosed with bronchial spasms when he was 18 months. This was after about 9 months of continuous doctors visits and specialists and 5 different rounds of antibiotics. We started giving him a nebulizer treatment twice a day. This was difficult to do because you have to keep them still. Anyways, the treatments helped alot and now two years later he's doing alot better and we rarely have to use the nebulizer anymore. Just be wary of how many steroids they prescribe for him---- they can make him kind of hyper. I don't think the heat was ever a factor for us--- I'm not sure I would cancel a trip. They may also give you a traveling inhaler. I'm sure he'll grow out of it, although I know it can be EXTREMELY Frustrating! Also, my son's bronchial spasms flamed up whenever he got a cold so I started giving him probiotics in the morning to strengthen his immune system and that has helped ALOT. Good Luck!

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answers from San Diego on

You will probably be given a nebulizer which is a machine that you put medicine in to open up the airways. Then my dr gave us a "fish mask" (because it is painted to look like a fish) that he is suppose to wear when given the treatments. My baby hated the mask and to be honest I just used the regular tube to blow the treatments into his face. I could even do it every 2 hours as needed while he slept at night. (I put a pillow over the machine to quiet the loud noise!).
My son is now 4 and its only when he has a cold that we pull out the nebulizer for treatments. I hope your son outgrows it also!
Also if you see more retractions its time to get him to the ER asap. My Dr made us call 911 whenever we saw retractions even though we live like 4 miles from the hospital.
Best of luck to you I remember being so worried all the time in the beginning but it did get much better once I got used to it. We had about 12 hospital visits in his first 2 years though.



answers from Portland on

My granddaughter has asthma and if she goes too long without using her treatment inhaler or nebulizer she has what sounds like your description of bronchial spasms. You can see the spaces in between her ribs go in and out.

Stress will cause an attack. I suggest that you not try too hard to keep him quiet. Doing so could be just as causative for spasms as not doing so. For example; if you stop him from doing something and he cries that's as stressful on his body as letting him do it. You definitely cannot stop him from babbling and squealing. I urge you to focus on letting go of your anxiety and allow him to be as normal as is reasonable. Yes, stop him from running around but let him play with his toys and squeal to his hearts content.



answers from Miami on

You need to start finding out what is causing these problems. Food allergies is probably the thing. Mostly egg, milk and soy products. Take these things out of his diet and see if he gets better within a few days. If you breastfeed, you don't eat them. If you formula feed, find one that is lactofree. Take everything out of your home that is toxic. Cleansers, candles, plug ins, sprays, and anything that is not "green." You will see a big difference. Take all the stuffed animals and books out of his room. You may have to pull up any carpeting or rugs. Encase his mattress in a special cover. Wash clothes only in Borax or vinegar solution. Wash him with only pure washes. Some children are allergic to the world and you need to build their immune systems and not get sucked in by the medical community that can only prescribe extremely brain toxic drugs to your child. They will tell you they are safe but I ahve not see one kid yet that was on an acid reflux drug or asthma drug who didn't have sensory issues or autism.

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