Broken Leg Activities

Updated on March 17, 2009
C.D. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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My poor baby Zeke broke his leg today, so needless to say he is stuck on the couch for then next few weeks, what are some sitting/laying down activities that we can do so he doesn't get bored and try to walk on it.
We have:
*kids laptop
*ds lite (what 2 year old friendly games???)

Thanks moms!! :-)

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answers from Dallas on

Man this is a tough one! I'm so sorry...What about jigsaw puzzles, coloring, magnets (he can play with them on a cookie sheet), an aquadoodle, legos (we have a lap tray that was purchased at Big Lots) or books? Good Luck!!!

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bubbles,coloring books and crafts, you could put him in a flat wagon and take him for walks, my boys love their train table and trains. they also like to hit the mylar balloons back and forth you can get cheep ones at the dollar tree.
good luck I hope he feels better soon what a tough age to break a leg.

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You could try a few games. We love Cariboo, and he and his older brother could play together! Also, my 2 year old really enjoys playing with the connect 4 game. He does not get it..he just likes to fill up all the spaces and then watch them all fall out! Another funny one for him is the guess who game. Again, he cant quite play correctly, but what we do is I sit with one board, him with another, and he draws a card, we both find that character, and knock them down (he tells them to go to sleep for some reason:). Library books on tape would be fun too. I cant think of any ds games for kids dont get one until they are 8, so I am no help there! Ohhh..I just remembered another silly favorite. I fill a bowl with plain uncooked white rice, then hide some of his small animals in it (usually dinosaurs). Then he takes a tool from his doctor kit, tweezers I guess, and tries to search for and rescue his dinosaur. All of my kids enjoy that one..nothing better than a dinosaur dig. I would suggest if you dont have one, that you try to borrow or even buy a leapster. They have much more kid friendly games, and he might be better at that. I wish you luck...this would be a tough one for my 2.5 year old boy for sure!! ~A.~

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My daughter broke her leg (tibia/below the knee) when she was 3, and we thought the same thing... she'd have to sit a LOT. However, we were surprised at how quickly she compensated for the cast and her inability to walk. Within a week she was scooting around the floor playing with lots of her toys. She even went back to preschool and other than going onto the mulch-filled playground, she was able to do almost everything the other kids did in school (which was a Godsend for me). However, if your son broke his femur (thigh bone), you're probably right, he'll need lots more sitting activities.
With the weather getting nicer, I would suggest lots of outdoor time - long walks on local trails, exploring plants, animals, insects, etc. I'm sure big brother would like that too. Go to a pond and feed the ducks. Go to the zoo. Take a trip to Cabellas or Bass Pro and explore (cool displays, fish feedings, etc.) Go to library storytime. Have a picnic in the backyard or park. Get outside.
Also, I remember borrowing a wheelchair and finding it was MUCH better than a stroller. Even around the house, my daughter could be moved from room to room much more easily (and she learned to move herself a bit), so she could watch TV for a while, then come in the kitchen and help me cook or bake something. I got her a cheap laptray ($2-$3) that actually had the fold down legs. That was very helpful in having a flat surface whether she was mixing brownie batter or drawing a picture (it has a lip at the edge so crayons don't roll off). Encourage your older son to gently toss a ball back and forth, create and play puppets, etc.
I know it seems overwhelming right now. My daughter was in real pain for several days, and I couldn't imagine how this active little girl was going to cope with a broken leg for any length of time. But, although she actually had her cast on for almost 3 months, she did fine. Kids are resilient. Your son will find ways to work with his cast.
I will say this though...One of the aspects that I discovered later in the process was how she REALLY became attached to her cast. When they were removing it, and she started crying, I thought it was fear or pain, but for over a week afterwards, she would cry and whine that she wanted her cast back. She was reluctant to walk, and often wanted to cover her leg with a blanket. It was totally unexpected.
Good luck! I'm sure moms will give you lots of other great ideas! Your FREE guide to affordable family activities in the Flower Mound, Lewisville & Highland Village area.

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Bless Your Heart!
This is a great opportunity to read to your son! Go to the library and pick some classics, like Charlotte's Web. A game like Hungry Hippo would work. Also, make him a basket with a box or garbage can. Clear the room and give him a ball or a bean bag. Does he like Leggos or Blocks? Action figures can go a long way too.
I hope the weeks fly by for you.

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