Broken Glass in My Kitchen Sink Disposal!

Updated on October 02, 2010
M.G. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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Hi Moms,

Yesterday, I baked chicken. Took it out of the oven, transferred the chicken to a tupperware container and put it in the fridge. Then, I took the glass caserole dish and put it in the sink and ran cold water on it. I then grabbed my rubber scraper and started to scrape it clean. Right when I started scraping, the whole thing made a loud, scary noise and shattered to a million pieces!!! I picked up as many pieces of glass as I could, but some of the glass went down the sink into the garbage disposal. So, the big question is how can I get the glass out of the garbage disposal???? Also, I thought glass can withstand a drastic temperature change. I guess not. What an annoying mistake. Help! Thanks.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My brother is a plumber and I would NOT run the disposal with glass in it and you're never going to get it all out with a vacuum hose!
Have hubby or a repairman remove the disposal from underneath and clean/dump it out. It's not as much of a big deal as people think to get it unhooked, etc. Good luck!

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answers from Denver on

The glass shattered because it was not tempered glass, which is somewhat unusual for bake ware now. Perhaps it was an older casserole? Of course, even tempered glass will sometimes shatter. Next time just let it cool for a while, and be sure to add hot water for the initial soak.

Anyway, go with Laurie's suggestion and try to suck up some of it with the vacuum. Then, just run the disposal with water, and a strainer over it. The glass will actually sharpen the blades a bit.

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answers from Austin on

This happened to me recently.. I do not know if you want to do what I did..I carefully reached in there with a bright light shining and pulled out the larger pieces. Then I took the vacuum hose and stuck it down there and just tried to get it all out of there, by vacuuming it all out.. .. It worked for me..

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answers from Dallas on

You can get a big wad of tape and attach it to a wooden spoon. Stick it down in there and let the glass to stick to it. Do it over and over with new tape until you think you got it all. Then do it one more time!. Once you got all the big pieces out of the disposal drain, your husband may still want to clean out the unit or the trap under the sink, but at least do what you can to get the glass out of the top side.

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