Broken Blood Vessel in 3 Month Old's Eye

Updated on December 29, 2008
A.S. asks from Matawan, NJ
4 answers

My 3 month old son woke up from a nap yesterday with what appears to be a broken blood vessel in his eye. Has anyone else seen this? I'm not sure if he scratched himself or if he was straining for a BM. I'm planning to call the doc tomorrow.

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My daughter was born with one in her eye. The squeeze was too much for her I guess. The doctors assured me it would be fine and go away. In about 3 days it was mostly gone and a few days later there was no trace of it. You may want to see if it bothers him and may need to see the doctor if you can see any mark on his eye ball itself. If he scratched it it could have problems and meds may be needed but if there is no pain, marks and the red starts going away you may be fine. See the doc if it seems painful or gets worse. A.



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it'll go away in a couple of weeks



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Hi there:

Baby Boy is most likely constipated. I'd give him plenty of water. That should do it.




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His eye is probably just irritated. If it's just an irritation, the redness will go away in a day or two. If it's a broken blood vessel, it will take a few weeks to go away, but it's still nothing to be concerned with unless there is any oozing or crusty stuff around his eye or he really seems to be bothered by it. (By the way, my husband is an ophthalmologist)

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