Britax Regent Booster Car Seat

Updated on September 09, 2008
S.F. asks from Fullerton, CA
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Hi Moms,

I've heard that this is a really good, 5-point car seat for older children. It's kinda pricy, though ($250+) and since we'd have to buy 2 (2 boys) I want to make really certain that this is the end-all-be-all in car seats.

Can people who have them tell me what they think? Specifically is it enough better than the $100 chairs? Does it sit up straight or lean back like the younger seats? (We're having an issue with the old chairs because we have an "economy" car (good gas mileage [grin]) that doesn't give our son any leg room because the chair leans back).

Any feedback you can give me would be appreciated!

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answers from Las Vegas on

According to the newest Consumer Reports ratings, the Britax Roundabout and the Evenflo Triumph 5 tied for the highest score of 81. The Britax scored higher in the "ease of use" categories, but the Evenflo scored higher in the "crash protection" categories. Since the scores were so close and we needed 2 (twins!), we went with the Evenflo because it is $100 less than the Britax. We have been using them for 3 years now, and we love them! The straps never get twisted, they are very easy to install with or without using the LATCH, they have the same cradeling around the head that the Britax does, and they are well padded and comfortable for the kids. These seats have served us very well, and I'm glad that I didn't pay the extra $100 just to get the Britax name. $100 buys a lot of baby food!

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answers from San Diego on

Yes this is a great seat but it was too pricy for us. I got Safety 1st Apex 65 and pait 109.99. I ordered it off of and did not pay tax or shipping:) It is a 5 point harness up to 65 pounds. T. 5 point harness is so important for kids over 3 or 4 and it makes me sad that parents think their toddlers are safe in boosters just because of their weight requirement. T. Apex met all T. safty standards and my 5 year old is very comfertable. I would have gone with T. Britax had I known 5 years ago before I bought 2 other car seats for her and my 3 year old............... This seat sits upright and does not lean back. Good luck. I need to buy another soon as my son will soon outgrow his. My daughter is not happy to be in a 5 point harness bc all her friends are in a booster but I know she is safe and explain it to her every time she complains. But she never complains about comfort. She is very comfertable;)

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answers from Los Angeles on

S. -
Yes Britax has the best safety ratings, but just be sure the regent will fit in your car, especially if you have an ecomomy car. I have a Marathon and Roundabout in my Jeep Commander. The other day a friend rode with us that has the Regent, I had to put it in the very back seat because it was too big to fit next to my other two. I think that's the only drawback on this seat, it is HUGE.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ok, First I feel I need to clarify the differences here...

BRITAX makes Infant seats, Convertible Car Seats and Youth/Booster Seats.


The Decathlon, Blvd., Marathon, Diplomat and Roundabout are Convertible Car Seats (they can be installed rear-facing AND forward facing) and ONLY HAVE A 65lb forward facing weight limit. (Well the Diplomat & Roundabout have a 40ob forward facing weight limit). They also ALL have a weight minimum of 5lbs so they can all seat a newborn from day 1 (REAR-FACING!).

The Regent is NOT A CONVERTIBLE SEAT and CAN ONLY BE INSTALLED FORWARD FACING!!!! It is a Toddler/Youth Car Seat. The child MUST BE ONE YEAR OLD AND 22 lbs BEFORE they can even sit in it. AND the weight limit is 80lbs (with a 5-pt. harness).

Now, here is what I recommend -
Britax has come out with a new youth/booster 5-point harness seat with an 80lb capacity called THE FRONTIER! I HIGHLY recommend that seat!!! In additon to the 80olb weight limit the SEAT itself, without a 5-point harness has a 100lb weight limit! It costs $279.99 and is WELL WORTH IT!!! It also has BRITAX'S TRUE SIDE IMPACT PROTECTION. It is not as large as the Regent. BRITAX is a very safe seat and one that I've always stood by. Currently we're using the Diplomat! We're not ready for a youth seat yet!!!

Sunshine Kids does make a great seat, but the Monterey is NOT A 5-pt harness and it is recommended kids stay in a 5-pt harness for as long as possible! It does have the HIGHEST weight limit though... 110lbs.

If you want to go Sunshine Kids, I would recommend the Radian-80!!! It is a narrower seat (AND CONVERTIBLE! It can sit a baby rear-facing from 5lbs and up!) and has a forward facing weigh limit of 80lbs!! WITH A 5-pt harness!!!!!

Hope this info helps!!

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

We have 2 Britax Decathalon Car seats (retail $280 per seat) and they are worth every penny in the fact that they are the absolute safest car seat on the market. If a parent is going to spend money one ONE THING for their child it should be on the car seat. It blows my mind that moms I know will spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a designer crib (not the safest crib, the prettiest) but buy a $100 car seat! Britax is a fantastic company and they make the safest car seat. Is it over-priced, I'd say yes, but that also leads me to believe the less safe car seats are, too.
We got our Britax car seats through E-Bay. NOT USED CAR SEATS! NEVER BUY A USED CAR SEAT! But through companies that buy them in bulk and then discount them a bit. With shipping and handeling we paid $230 for one seat and $210 for the other. They came in the original packaging and everything.



answers from San Diego on

Before my daughter turned one I did the research and found that Britaz carseats have the highest saftey record. It was pretty pricey but well worth the money. If anything happened to her just because I was worried about the extra money. My childs saftey is always going to be my number one concern. Just shop around and try to get the best deal. Do they have a birthday coming up? From now on ask for gift cards to babies r us. This way you can get the kids what they really need.



answers from Los Angeles on

These seats are expensive. You are paying for quality, safety and comfort for your child. You can try buying them on ebay sometimes you can get them cheaper than retail. In terms of size and leg room I think they are all just big and abnoxious there is no getting around it. An added benefit is that these cahirs are good for up to 65 lbs. Good luck



answers from Los Angeles on
They have a reviews of every seat written by members. It's a great resource. The discussion boards have car safety techs (parents) who answer questions. Check that out too.

My son is 8 years old and had a Britax Regent (I bought the Husky, it was renamed the Regent - same seat) and we LOVED it. He was in it from age 5 to 8. He outgrew it (53" tall). I have a Toyota Sienna Mini-van so him being in a big captain seat was not a problem for our car. He found it very comfortable. When he slept, his head did not fall to the side (dangerous - no EPS foam, no head or upper body side support).

I'm sad he outgrew it. It will NOT be his last seat. He is 4'4" tall and weighs about 60 lbs. The latest and newest booster laws (Canada, Utah, Massachusettes - other states have not caught up yet) say AT LEAST 4'7" tall and/ OR at least 8-10 years old.

He is in a backless booster right now. He's upset though because he doesn't want to be in one because some of his friends don't ride in one. I tell him that's just because people don't know.

I wish he would say yes to this seat - the Sunshine Kids Monterey ($149.)

But he doesn't want to be the only one. He doesn't want to be teased. He vetoed the Monterey. At least my mini-van has side air bags (car techs that was a plus) but still. I'm hoping to convince my uninformed-on-this-issue DH about at least putting the Monterey in his sports car for head support.

The Monterey is a BOOSTER seat that provides back and head support (not a backless booster like the CLEK that provides no support to the head and upper body).

I will not put my children in a backless booster under the age of 8 if there are great seats like the Regent or Monterey out there that will support him as long as possible.

Video 1: Child in booster with deep wings

Video 2: Child in booster with shallow wings

Video 3: Child in backless booster.

And a 5-point-harness (Regent) supports the body far better in a crash than the seat belt alone in a booster - that's why race car drivers and airline attendants sit in them.

My 4 year old daughter rides in a Britax Marathon in my mini-van. She's happy in it. She's been in since about 2.5 years old. I prefer she ride in the Marathon vs. the Regent because the Marathon really hugs and supports her body (she's skinny) and in the Regent I feel she would slam to the side more in that big seat. Though I keep it in my car as a back-up seat for her friends. She rides in it too if she wants.

She rides in a Sunshine Radian 80 in my husband's sport convertible. They say it goes up to 80 lbs, but there is no way my son at age 5-8 would have fit in it. The Regent was perfect for a growing child.

My daughter will probably inherent the Husky (Regent). There are side slots that reach the back of the seat and you can pull the LATCH connectors super tight. My friend showed me that.



answers from Reno on

Hi S.,

I bought 2 carseats from Albee Baby. They have free shipping over $100.00 and no tax. They have a great selection. I bought a Britax for my 2 year old daughter and Evenflo Triumph Advance LX for my 1 year old son. Britax was very easy to install and to clean.




answers from Los Angeles on

We love, love, love our Britax seats!!! They are easier to instal, the straps never get tangles or roll and they're super comfortable!! The chairs can be reclined or sat straight up.
Good luck!! Also, I got two at Right Start, one was the floor model and the other was discontinued so they were just a tad cheaper then the ones on the boxes and there were no boxes for me to throw away!



answers from Los Angeles on

It is worth every penny. The best on the market. My suggestion do not go cheep on this important safety issue.
**NOTE** If you go to Babies R US and tell them you have twins you will get 10% off the purchase of two.



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.,
I loved my Britax Roundabout and it is less money. However, check out Consumer Reports (you can do it online) and check out the Baby Bargains Book. They both compare all the different models and can help you decide which makes most sense for you. I strongly recommend Britax - they always get the best safety ratings.

Good luck.



answers from Los Angeles on

I have 2 Regents in my minivan. Yes they sit straight up. We love them but they are big and heavy. They are a perfect fit in the captains chairs so you don't notice how big they really are. These seats will fit my kids for longer than they will be in car seats. My son is almost 6 yrs. old and weighs 45lbs. He rides very comfortably in it. I have 2 more harness slots left for him before he is too tall for the 5pt. Yes I think this will be his last seat. My daughter who is 3 is only on the 2nd slot and she is 33lbs. We have had them for a year and love them. I want my children to remain in 5pt harnesses for as long as possible. They are rock solid in the seats and do not move. They are not the perfect seat for everyone and every car. You need to try them out to see what fits best in your car. The Regents were the best fit for my children and my car.



answers from Los Angeles on

I've had experience with both a Britax AND a $100 jobbie.

We got the cheaper one for my daughter when she moved up from her infant seat. I didn't like it because it did sit straight up (and it claimed it reclined but not enough to make any kind of a difference) and while she CAN sleep in it, she has trouble staying asleep because her head falls forward, not a comfie position. It's especially difficult on road trips, which we take often, from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to visit family. But I never got another one because I thought it was normal.

Fast forward a couple of years. When it was time for our son to get a new carseat, we didn't want to deal with the same problems and found that the Britax actually could recline and looked way more comfortable. And it got great reviews for safety, always a good thing! My son seems to like it, too, another bonus!

Good luck.



answers from Honolulu on

We have the Britax "Parkway" boosters... VERY great and happy with it. I prefer the "Parkway" than the "Regent." We also have the "Compass" boosters.

(The Parkway & "Compass" boosters does not lean back, it sits straight up. My daughter says it is very comfortable and likes it. My kids like all these boosters we have... for our van, Grandma's car, and for Aunty's car).

ALSO, very highly rated are the "Clek" brand boosters. VERY good ratings, and more affordable. My friend got some, more than one, and is very happy with it. You can get the "Clek" boosters on Amazon.... and it has FREE shipping as well. Cute designs too. The Clek has a latch system.
The Clek is also great for traveling.

The "Compass" brand boosters are also very good, and award-winning, and highly rated. And well priced. We have these as well, for Grandma's car. It is also folding, for traveling. You can also get these on and many of the styles come with "FREE" shipping.

These are my recommendations.... very happy with these products, and all highly rated.

Don't go by price point... the boosters I mentioned are all under $100 or a little more. These that I mentioned are ALL very highly rated... by consumers and those "agencies" that rate them.

My friend HAD the Britax Regent... but didn't care for it... it was bulky in her SUV... it sat too close to hte front passenger seat and did not lend itself to much leg room, and her kid grew out of it. She then got the "Compass" and "Clek" brand.

For all of the brands I mentioned, I bought it on Amazon, because it was "free" shipping, AND it was cheaper buying it on Amazon, than in my local stores. The local stores in my city were LOTS more expensive.

My girl is almost 6 years old, about 50 pounds and about 46" high. My son is about 2 years old, and 38" high and about 32 pounds. For my 2 year old... the specifications of the "Compass" booster seat is the meeting guidelines for him. We have him in the Compass for when he is in Grandma's or Aunty's car, and in a regular "baby" convertible car seat in our van. My girl uses the "Parkway." It fits them both well. We have had the Parkway for about 2-3 years, and the Compass for a couple of months.

But yes, the Regent 5-point boosters are more expensive, if that is the only factor in your decision.

Good luck,



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi S.,
I am a mother of 10, 28-4 years old. I retired from Foster Care 2 weeks ago. I have used quite alot of car seats and boosters. Be very careful when buying especially 2 at a time. I recently had to replace 4 of my 6 seats. EXPIRATION DATE yep they do expire and if in a rean end hit or car accident you need to replace them.. I find $100.00-150 a good range for alot of extras in a car seat. Get a 5 point where the shoulder strap slits for adjusting to a growing child actually are higher up, some don't go very high and you will find yourself replacing the seat sooner than you would like. There are many boosters out there but I find the ones that still have a recline option are the best. My 5&6 year olds weigh34lbs and still fall asleep in the car on long trips or a long day of running around. Hit Target for their seats, they carry some more expensive ones but there is a point when price is in the name not the seat.



answers from San Diego on

Hi S., I just happened to post something that would answer your questions before I saw your post. Please go read my post and watch the video, sorry so sad to make a point, but you will have your answers.

J. C.



answers from Los Angeles on

It's the best! Has by far the highest safety ratings. It goes to 80 pounds so you don't have to use a booster. It's worth the $$, my kids safety is priceless!



answers from Los Angeles on

I haven't used a car seat in quite a while, but I have to tell you about my experience with Britax; my oldest was still a baby when Britax began selling car seats in the US. Prior, they are originally from Australia. Anyway, the studies coming out from Consumer Reports and the like, were that these were excellent car seats - hands down. They were more expensive ten years ago, too - and they didn't sell them at Babies R Us or Target (think Right Start - which up'd the price even more). The way I looked at it: you spend thousands on a car to make sure it's safe and your child will be sitting in this car seat for, at least, two years - if not longer - so why not invest the money in their safety, too? I have never been happier with a car seat or a company. They had a problem with the lock - sent it to me, no problem. I had a problem with the cover - three years after I bought the seat - sent me a new one, no problem. Bottom line, buy the Britax - worth every penny spent. I ended up with two of their large infant/toddler seats and FOUR of their booster's. Loved every one of them.



answers from San Diego on

I have the Britax Marathon... It was about the same price, but I know there were some differences between that and the Regent. If you check the Britax USA web page you can compare the seats and see which one meets more of your needs.

That being said, I cannot praise our Britax carseat enough. It is worth every single penny we spent on it and we have NEVER regretted its purchase. The safety factors in the Britax line are far and away the best on the market. Our daughter outgrew her infant seat before the 3rd month (she's very tall for her age, still). The Marathon is good from 5 to 65 pounds, so if she wasn't too tall for this one, she probably wouldn't need another seat.

The comfort it provides to our child is of importance as well. We always joke about how she can't fight the carseat. We don't have to be riding for long, especially if she's tired, before she completely passes out.

Now that our daughter is almost ready for the next size seat, we intend to purchase the Britax Frontier. It's the only booster with a 5-point harness and I can't imagine not having another Britax.

Now that I think of it, I don't think I'd let her ride in another seat. My dad just moved back to town and he wanted to get a carseat to keep in his vehicle so we wouldn't have to trnasfer hers back and forth between us. I said okay, and told him what to buy - Britax. He asked me if it had to be that exact one, and I said yes.

If you can't afford the cost of 2 new Britax seats, you can check craigslist. They don't appear often, but when a child is aging into another seat, you can find them there, used and in good condition. They hold their value pretty well, too, because even used they're anywhere from $100-150.



answers from San Diego on

I have the Decathalon and I love it! I had several people recommend the brand to me and all of them had owned less expensive brands prior and swore the Britax was worth the money. I found the price a little hard to digest at first until a friend put it in perspective for me-the maximum weight is on average 50-60 pounds (depending on the model). My friend's son was 6 years old and only 45 pounds, so if you figure you will be using them for at least 5 years, $300 for something you use almost regularly for 5 years doesn't sound so bad.

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