Britax Marathon 70 Carseat Straps

Updated on June 29, 2011
C.V. asks from Hawthorne, CA
4 answers

Has anyone been able to successfully reattach Marathon 70 straps after removing them for cleaning? I removed mine, like I always do with the other 2 (older versions of) marathons that I have. However, after not being able to reattach them, I read the manual which said to never remove them because they can't be reattached. I am annoyed that I may have to buy smother $200+ car seat because I can't reattach the straps.

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answers from New York on

If they say they cannot be reattached, guess they can't. Even if you figure
out a way to do it, is it safe? I would not risk it.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Wow, the other people with responses don't seem to have much compassion! The older version of the Marathon, which you already have 2 of, are capable of having the harness removed for cleaning. It even says so in the manual. If I were in your situation, I would be really upset, as I read the manual originally and would figure same company, same model essentially, same directions. I have one of the old versions as well and now have one of the new versions. Thankfully, the straps haven't been barfed on, yet, so I haven't tried to remove them (which I would have assumed you could since I can on my original seat). Britax sure should have put a warning sticker on the seat near the straps letting you know the new model can't be removed! I hope Britax realizes this and starts alerting new seat purchasers, especially those moms that are on their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th kid and have multiple Britax seats!


answers from Minneapolis on

Thats why you should always read the manual BEFORE even using the seat, front to back cover to cover so you understand everything BEFORE using the seat.

ANYWAY, the manual doesn't lie, so don't try to reattach them. Also the harness should never be washed or submerged in water, only wiped with a damp cloth. So if you submerged them you need to replace them anyway. Same wiht all other car seats.

Call Britax and ask. THeir customer service is always helpful and answers the phone with a real person.



answers from Boston on

Call britax. I'm guessing if it says to never remove them and you did that even if you found away to reattach them it wouldn't be safe anymore.

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