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Updated on January 13, 2011
A.T. asks from San Clemente, CA
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We are looking to buy another carseat, that can also be a booster when needed. We already have the roundabout, which we love for our 3 year old. However, our almost 1 year old will need to go in that seat soon. Therefore, we need to buy another seat for the 3 year old. I would really like to buy the Britax Frontier, but I'm wondering if there is something comparible but less expensive?


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answers from Raleigh on

we have 2 of them, $239 with free ship on ebay, they r huge, but we like them. Elite car seat has them on sale now.
BTW Graco Nautilus only goes to 52" in 5 point harness and Frontier 85 to 57". So they r not really comparible.


answers from Dallas on

We did the same thing a few months ago, moved toddler into Frontier so baby could have her marathon...LOVE the Frontier! And I just got an email from saying they're all on sale...I think 20% off which is the deal we got when we bought it AND it's fast and free shipping!


answers from Minneapolis on

The Frontier is a GREAT seat and yes, it DOES convert to a booster. A booster seat is one that uses the adult belt. It does NOT become a backless booster seat, but those aren't really necessary for most kids anyway as a high back should always be first choice for safety. So whether you are luggin around the Frontier as a booster or a regular high back booster.... I don't get why either is a problem.

The Graco Nautilus is $150 and a great seat, harness to 65lbs and then booster to 100lbs, eventually a no back booster. Its a great seat for about half the price.



answers from Dallas on

I can't answer the exact question, because I did purchase the Frontier. Just wanted you to know we love it. Eventhough its a bit pricey. Watch for deals on they have 20% of sales some times and free shipping.



answers from Atlanta on

The graco nautilus is pretty similar and much cheaper.


answers from Provo on

I bought all of my son's expensive items, like his Britax Marathon on ebay. Brand new for about $170. I would suggest looking there. I wouldn't buy anything used since you don't know the real history. But there are some great deal going on right now since it's the new year and a new model year so last years models, which are perfectly fine, are now on clearance.



answers from Sacramento on

The Graco Nautilus is cheaper. Also, a heads-up on the Frontier. It doesn't convert to a real booster seat. We just retired the Frontier to the garage after only six months when we went to convert to booster and realized you're basically using a car seat with a seat belt instead of the harness (they think this is a booster). Still have the same massive, heavy seat, still have to attach it to the car, so the portability plus of a booster is lost completely with the Frontier.

ETA: A real booster is lightweight, doesn't require attachment to the car and can easily be transferred to another car. Pick it up and go. Trust me, I have two kids and know boosters and the Frontier is NOT a real booster. It's a convertible car seat that simply allows you to use a seat belt like a booster. I wish someone had told me in advance because we wasted a lot of money on the Frontier only to use it about six months. Ended up going out and buying a real booster in the end.

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