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Updated on July 11, 2010
K.M. asks from Eagle Pass, TX
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I am about to purchase a car seat for our baby and really like the look of the Britax, but the stores where we live do not carry one that I can see or lift to see how heavy it is.

Does anyone have one?

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So What Happened?

Just ordered the Britax Chaperone infant car seat in Cowmooflage! So excited.
Thanks for all of the great responces!
Much appreciated!

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answers from Indianapolis on

We've had the Britax Roudabout through 2 kids so far. We've had them over 3 years, and they look as new today as when we got them. They're not overly heavy, but we honestly hardly ever take them out of the car.

I'd highly recommend Britax for their stellar safety ratings.

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answers from Seattle on

I also have the Marathon and LOVE IT! I used to do the marketing for Babies R Us and had to know ALL ABOUT the baby gear in the store since I had to conduct expecting parents classes and had to be able to know and sell every product in the store. I have two girls, (6 and 3) and BOTH have been in Britax. They are not a seat that you will want to move between cars since they are a heavy car seat, but definitely worth it. If you can, get one for the primary car that baby will be in, and fine a "second best" for the other car - that's an option. If you buy one, you will NOT be disappointed - the quality is exceptional. I personally don't care for the newer ones with those side supports near the head (not sure of the name) - seam to be so closed in for the child. But that's just my opinion.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :)

Good luck with your search!

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answers from St. Cloud on

We have purchased the 4 Britax in the past 6 to 8 months. (2 being LAST NIGHT!) We now own the Britax Regent and the Frontier 85. Last night we ordered the Britax Chaperone Infant Carseat and Stroller set in cowmooflauge and another Frontier 85.

We LOVE the 2 we have so we decided to purchase a Britax for the new baby and another Frontier 85 for our 2nd vehicle. After reading the reviews and going on YOUTUBE to look at a couple videos (of the Chaperone), we decided to make the second purchase.

Britax seats are HEAVY! But I'm not worried too much about the infant seat because we believe that carseats are meant for the car and carried our kids as infants anyway..... Safety is our number one priority, not convenience for us.

Check out Their Chaperone systems are on sale right now and all regular price Britax are 20% off if you punch in 20OFF at checkout. This is where we've ordered all our Britax seats from as we have no stores near us that carry them.

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answers from Detroit on

I've had the Marathon for four years, using it now with my second son. It is a heavy seat and the only time I take it out is when when baby hits the year mark. The quality is exceptional and worth the money.


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answers from Chicago on

Only comment is Britax quality is exceptional - well worth the $ you will spend. We have the Frontier Booster, which is for 2+ yrs. Most of them are HEAVY and hence sturdy. If buying on-line, don't forget to search for coupons for % off - there are plenty out there! Good luck.

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answers from Chicago on

We have 3 Britax seats: a roundabout, a marathon, and a frontier. The frontier is the only one that I thought was really heavy but that totally outweighs the safety and versatility, not to mention ease of installation.

Although we don't have to take the car seats out very often, when we do the LATCH systems for all three are unbelievably easy to do. Because they can be pricey, do your research before purchasing and buy the one that is most appropriate for your child but can last through rear-facing, possible extended rear-facing, and forward-facing.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a Britax Roundabout that we got to use for my son in our primary vehicle after he turned a year old and was no longer in the carrier car seat. I LOVE IT. Not too heavy, but then again I rarely take it out of the car since my cars anchors are way down in between the seat. The cover on the seat is very soft and comfy. My son seems comfortable in it. I like that Britax is one of the safest out there. We have a less expensive Graco in my husbands car which is ok, but that one is rarely used.



answers from Dallas on

I have the Britax Boulevard and it is big and bulky, but I don't consider it heavy. I've had it installed in our car for over 8 months now and only took it out twice, so really weight for me isn't an issue because I don't move it that often. I also have the Evenflo Tribute for when we travel and it's not that much ligther than the Britax. Check their website. It should tell you the weight of the carseat and then you can maybe find a similar weighted carseat to compare it to.


answers from Provo on

Are you looking for the infant seat or a convertible? I know that the infant seat is a bit heavier, but I think it's worth it. Plus infants aren't supposed to spend a lot of time in the seat other that when driving. So if the weight thing bothers you I'd get a baby carrier (moby or other thing like that) and carry your baby that way. This way you get more one on one time and have free hands.
Along with Nicole, I too used to work for Babies R us (sales, not marketing like her) and I know just about everything about them. Feel free to ask questions!



answers from Tampa on

I have had my Britax Marathon Car Seat for about 2 years, My daughter is 3 1/2 now. I really love this seat. I cant tell you the exact weight of it unfortanately but I dont have any issues moving it from car to car or installing it. It does seem to be heavier than most other carseats I have looked at though. It is also wider than other seats and takes up more space in the back seat but I dont think its too big of an issue. I really did my research on carseats and found this one to be one of the safest. Good Luck!



answers from Provo on

I have the Britax Wizard and it was a fantastic car seat. My son is 6 and I haven't used it for a while but the quality is exceptional.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

I would go to the website where they should list specific weights for the different models. My Roundabout is much smaller than some of the others and weighs less so I would check the website for exact weights.



answers from Hartford on

My husband says it is incredibly easy to change from car to car (compared to our Evenflo infant carseat).

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