Britax Car Seat Cover - Fresno,CA

Updated on October 18, 2010
D.C. asks from Fresno, CA
9 answers

how do you wash your britax car seat cover? I got a marathon from a friend and want to wash the cover. any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

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answers from San Francisco on

I wash it on a regular quick cycle and then let it air dry over night. I take lysol wipes to wipe down and clean the seat belts.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Make sure the seat is not expired, and make sure you trust this friend with your childs life, because if hte seat has been misused, dropped, checked onto an airplane, the harness washed in a machine or submerged in water.... its not a safe seat. Ca rseats expire after 6yrs from the date of manufacture.

If its not expired and not been misused, take the cover off (easy, just like a shower cap, just pull it off after the harness has been removed) and wash in the machine (NEVER wash the harness, only the cover), and hang the cover to dry.

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answers from Sacramento on

Just remove the cover and read the washing directions. With mine I was in a cold water delicate cycle and air dry. Comes out like new!



answers from Columbus on

I wash it in the machine on gentle and air dry.... often :)



answers from San Francisco on

Yep, agreed, I've washed our Britax Roundabout cover quite a few times -- gentle cycle, cold water, gentle detergent (Dreft or Woolite) and then air dry. Seems to take a day to dry for us, so make sure you don't need it for that long before you wash! And agreed, never wash the seat belts. Hope that helps!



answers from Denver on

I just machine wash it - and AIR dry it. Spot treat it if you need to. If it's that bad then you can buy new replacement one - on line. I love my Britax's - good choice!



answers from San Francisco on

I've washed the covers on our marathons, and they come out like new! I've even put it in the dryer. You'll see on the Britax website that the straps (and the buckle) can be replaced with new ones. Since they can be replaced, I believe it's okay to wash them too. If you can't put them back on the seat correctly, though, I wouldn't take that chance. I believe the only strap that cannot be removed is the strap to tighten the harness.



answers from San Francisco on

just throw it in the washing machine with any regular load. to dry, hang it over the back of a chair in the sun so it keeps its shape. i've done this with a number of carseats and never had a problem with it!


answers from Provo on

Same as the others. I would wash on gentle then air dry. Works like a charm!

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