Britax Car Seat Cover

Updated on August 16, 2009
N.K. asks from Easton, PA
4 answers

Hello! I was wondering if any of you have purchased or used a homemade car seat cover. I have the Britax and am wanting to replace my exsisting cover but am not crazy about any of their replacement cover options. I do wash it alot and need a sturdy one. My old one is in great shape after going through 2 kids but I am just wanting something different. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!!

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answers from York on

I just want to throw something out there for you to think about, and maybe research. I've always been told that you should not use off-brand covers for safety reasons (for any brand car seat). There are differences in hole heights for the shoulder straps and other things that make it unsafe.

Good luck finding what you are looking for!

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answers from Allentown on

Amy K is 100% correct. ANY after-market product could be extremely unsafe for your child and could make the carseat innefective in the event of an accident. :-( I know it's a bummer b/c they're really cute!

What kind of seat do you have? I'd keep my eyes out on Ebay and CraigsList & even the Britax site for different prints. Just make sure that's it's a Britax brand, not "like" a Britax or "made to fit" Britax, etc...

Hope that helps some!!!



answers from Philadelphia on

I suggest checking on ebay or maybe even craigslist. You can often find new or gently used Britax covers. Or you can have one custom made in either fabric you provide or from fabric the seller has. If you are providing fabric, use upholstery fabric as it's more durable and that was one of your concerns. In the search box, type "Custom Britax cover" or if you are looking for a Britax model, type "Britax cover Marathon" or "Roundabout". It will get you more direct options. Hope this helps.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Sorry N., you're unfortunately stuck with the authorized Britax covers. As far as covers go though, britax makes by far the most options. I know they only sell a couple options on their website and through their customer service dept, but check eBay for gently used covers. Also, has a swap section (although you have to be registered and have so many posts before you can "get in") where you can find a TON for sale (and trust me, there will be no aftermarket covers there!).

If you go the eBay route, just make sure it's a "real" cover - it must have a warning label (usually below the bottom harness slots, in the "lower back" area) and a square Britax label on it.

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