Britax Boulevard CS Owners- Can Your Child Loosen the Straps?

Updated on September 24, 2010
A.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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My son is 25 months old and I realized over the course of the last week that he can LOOSEN THE STRAPS on our Britax Boulevard CS. He simply lifts up on latch used to loosen the straps and leans forward. The weight of his body loosens the straps (enough on one day to lean over to the seat next to him on the highway!!!) This is very troubling to me as I am SO NEUROTIC about car seat safety and even bought a car to fit this car seat! And we all know that straps this loose wouldn't hold a child in....scary.

I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if I have given birth to Houdini.


PS For the record, I have contacted the NHTSA regarding this as well as Britax.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My son could loosen them in his Marathon. Fortunately, he didn't realize it until he was a little older (closer to 3, I think) so we talked about safety and how he was never allowed to touch the straps when we were driving. Anytime your son does this, you need to tell him it is unacceptable and immediately pull over to fix it, no matter how often it happens. He will lose interest in the game if he realizes that you're never going to go anywhere fun if you have to constantly stop to fix the seat. Also, when you do, don't give him any positive attention. Just fix the seat and sternly say "No. You cannot touch the strap. It isn't safe."

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answers from Phoenix on

I have Britax Boulevard seats for my 3 and 4 yr old boys and they have figured that out but they've thankfully never loosened it while we were driving. They've loosened the straps a few times while were getting buckled up so I immediately corrected it and tightened the straps back to the proper fitting. I explained to them that we DO NOT take off our seatbelts while we are in the car because Mommy wants to keep them safe and that's why we wear our seatbelts the way we do. If they start asking more about it, I explain that if Mommy has to stop the car quickly, they will fall out of their seats and get a big bump that will hurt. They seem to understand that and it has been enough to deter them from messing with the straps.

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answers from Seattle on

my son learned this also....not sure if your seat is same as mine (we have the britax marathan) and i just tucked the loose strap under the seat cover so its out of sight and outta mind and that worked.
But now we are having problems with him being able to unbuckle the chest strap......

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answers from Chicago on

Fortunately my kids don't try to do this, but I don't doubt they could also do it on their Regent carseats. I already figured out that if they try I'm just going to tie the strap into a knot and push it up to the latch to keep them from being able to pull it loose (not to mention a stern talking to them - but I've already talked to them about how the car seats aren't toys and are not to be messed with). It will make adjusting it less simple, but prevent the strap from moving through the mechanism further than where the knot is, so I'll know they can't move it more than an inch or so if they try.

Hope that helps!



answers from Raleigh on

Yep both of my boys could do it in their Britax seats (we had different models) before they turned 2. They got in HUGE trouble EVERY TIME and soon learned NOT to do it. It's not just Britax car seats though, we have friends with different brands and their kids did it too.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter figured out how to do this as well on our Marathon, I pulled the strap through the carseat cover and tucked it underneath, which solved that problem. However she can also unbucle the chest buckle, which is a bigger problem because I can't do anything about that, other then a stern warning! We also have the Alpha Omega for our older daughter and never had problems like this, she is 4 and still can't un-fasten any of the buckles! I'm a little disspointed with Britax.

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