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Updated on September 07, 2010
M.T. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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First of all, I asked a question about car seats a few days ago, and than you for so much for all the responses! After reading all your suggestions and going to Amazon and other websites to read reviews, I have almost decided on getting Britax Boulevard. I like the side impact protection and sliding harness adjustment features.

Now,I have a question. It seems like this car seat is pretty big. I drive Mazda Protege and my husband, a two-door Chevrolet Cavalier. Do you think it would be a problem installing Britax Boulevard rear facing? I would of course install it on passenger side, but then would I have to pull the seat so forward that no one would be able to sit on passenger seat - or worse yet, not being able to install it at all?I

have also read at least one review that it is a hassle to put a baby in when it's in rear position because of the side protection it has.

I'd like to hear your thoughts and experiences. Please let me know. Thank you!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Well, I can easily get our Britax Marathon (same size as the Boulevard) rear facing in our Chevy Aveo subcompact without even moving the front seats for my 6'3" husband.

Please go to and find a CPST in your area to help you install the seat. Its really a snap to install the Britax seats but if someone shows you how to properly do it the first time, you will be doing a good thing. :)

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answers from Seattle on

If you can fit an infant seat, you should be able to fit a rearfacing convertible seat. The infant seat actually takes up more space due to the recline.

Congrats on choosing such a great seat! Please keep your little one rearfacing long past 1 and 20 lbs.


answers from Provo on

I don't have a Boulevard, but I have a marathon and I can tell you it's hard enough getting him into my sister's minivan. The roof isn't tall enough to put him in there normally so I have do some fancy work. I don't know if anyone has told you about the Sunshine Kids Radian XT? I hear it's an excelent seat and can fit into just about any car. Here is a site you can check them out on.
But I think you should be fine. Go to a Babies R us or someplace and ask for a store associate to try the seat in your car. I know the will at babies R us (I worked there and had to do this A LOT). And bring both cars to check it out.
oh I just looked at the facts and this caught my eye and made me want to trade in my marathon!
"Radian has the highest harnessed crash capacity of any other car seat made. Period.
The straps are anchored into the steel frame and each slot is reinforced. Movable harness slot
systems are not designed for the demands of an NCAP46 crash with a higher weight child."



answers from Las Vegas on

I have it and I really can't imagine placing baby in there rear facing in a 2 door car. I had it in an SUV and a full size one at that. I did use it in my small Kia Rio, but it had 2 doors. I was able to fit a front passenger and 2 rear passengers in the Rio, but the seat was forward facing.

If you put the seat in rear facing in a 2 door car, I would imagine you will need to load baby from the other side. Otherwise, you will only have access from the top of the seat.

I did feel it was safer to have her in the Britax in the small car, but she has outgrown it.

Try it and if it doesn't work, box it back up and take it back.



answers from San Francisco on

So, in answer to your first question, I would go to a store that allows you to try it out in your car before you buy it. Remember you don't actually have to buy it from their if you think you can find a better deal on line. I had mine rear facing in a honda civic coup and it fit completely fine.

2nd question, never had any problems with the side protection getting baby in or out. It didn't seem to be a hassle at all.

ADVICE: Don't carry the seat by holding on the side protection, or lift it out of the car with them, because the foam inside the wings is very thin and brittle and can break! We had to replace ours (only $20 from the dealer) because of this.



answers from Eugene on

I went to buy the Boulevard. Before buying it the store allowed me to put it in my car. I drive a Volvo XC90- the SUV. I had to put the seat behind the passenger side, because my husband is too tall for the seat to go back. In the rear facing position I felt it blocked my view too much on that side of the car and didn't purchase it. I went with the Envenflo symphony because it was the only other seat I could find with side impact protection (it says tested what ever that means). I am sure it isn't as good as the Britax, but it is as close as possible. Try and find a shop that will allow you to put it in your car to see how it fits. If I was able to put it behind the drives seat, it would have worked. It looks like the best car seat.



answers from Davenport on

I LOVE my Boulevard- I have 2- one for each child. It is a bigger seat and may be a pain with a 2 dr vehicle. But I would think that any car seat would be a bit of a hassle with a 2 dr vehicle because you can't just lean in the back door to put him in the seat. I think the safest place is the middle of the car- is that a possiblity for you? Then you might not have to move your seats at all. I had a Honda when we bought our first one and I think I put it in the middle. But even if you put it behind the passenger side, you may not have to move the seat that much. I would try it in a store if you can find one. When you're ready to buy is having a huge sale and they usually offer free shipping. This is where I got both my seats and got a really good deal on them.

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