Bringing Your Baby to the Movies

Updated on September 06, 2007
K.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I have heard rumors that some of the movie theaters in the twin cities have special days and times where moms can bring their babies. Has anyone heard about this and if so what theaters have this? There are a lot of movies that I'd like to see, but to spend $20.00 on tickets plus another $30.00-$40.00 for a babysitter so that me and my husband can catch a flick is ridiculous.

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THe Crown theater in downtown Minneapolis (Block E) has a Wednesday matinee that kids are welcome at.

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Block E- Downtown Minneapolis has this! Its WONDERFUL! Its every Wednesday. Here are some of their details

Special program for parents with babies 0-24 months old
New movie every Wednesday
Lets you enjoy new movies without having to worry about making too much noise
Keeps the sound low so your child can sleep
Provides stroller parking and baby changing stations
Costs the same as a regular movie – but your child goes for free

You can check out more details at



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One thing I will say is that since having a baby my husband and I became Netflix members. Not as much fun as getting out of the house, but we can keep up with seeing movies that we otherwise would miss! I have heard of baby friendly movie theatres. I might look into that or watch for responses. I think Block E does something like that.



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This is true! I get an email from a theater (I think once a week) with showtime listings and stuff. I am trying to think of the name on the email- I believe it is kerasotes theater? Yes, I just checked. Its called Matinee Movie Magic. The website is and you can sign up for email from them. It is really fun!


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I would look at web sites for the theaters close to you. I do know that some theaters even have "crying rooms" (I remember those at church as a kid) of the theaters in the Maple grove Arbor Lakes one (I think it is their biggest theater room) has a big glass walled area in the very back of the theater and I beleive that is what it is for.

Sometimes the times set aside are during the day like on a tuesday afternoon...a "mommy and me" type of time frame...but I would start by checking their web sites or looking in the newspaer listing of showtimes.

I do know that as a frequent movie goer, there is nothing that I dislike more than heaning a baby or very young child being just that, a child, at a movie that I just paid all that money to see. I have been to scary rated R movies...and ones with alot of swearing and adult themes with 3 year olds whining to go potty a few aisles over, or even a small infant fussing to nurse or bottle feed...we always move if we can before the theater fills up to get away from such parties. Nothing personal, we are parents too...but we never brought our child to a movie that was not a kid movie...not as an infant, etc.

If there are not "crying room" setups...there should be!!!!



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The Cinema off of Upper 55th and Hwy 52 in Inver Grove Heights has one. When Cars was out we took our daughter to it. It was on Thursday's during the afternoon. Give them a call and see if they still have it ###-###-####. I looked briefly on the website and didn't see it.

About Our Theatre
Stadium Seating - Digital Sound
Box office opens 30 minutes before the start of the first show
All shows before 6:00 pm are $6.00
Super Saver Matinee - $5.00 (last showing of each title before 6:00 pm)
After 6:00 pm children (12 and under) and seniors are $6.00, students (with valid ID) are $7.00, adults are $8.75
Friday and Saturday students are $7.50



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Check AMC. It is like a 10am show.

We took our first to the movies with us. I missed some of the movie when there were diapers to change, but it worked for the first few months. You just have to be respectful and leave the theater when the baby is crabby, and watch for the loud parts of the movie. Do it while you can because it won't be long before they a)won't sit still or b)will understand the adult content and it won't be appropriate.



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You know how everyone always tells you "your life will never be the same, it will change when you have a baby" well that's where seeing a movie comes in. Now going to the movies becomes nearly impossible or extremely exspensive. I had to give up going to the movies for a few years and now that my child is older I can resume going again it's just part of having kids and giving up some things or shelling out more money.

You could join a babysitting swap. Where you swap kids with another family so you can both go out seperately but not pay for a sitter just return the favor.

I believe they have "toddler" time during the weekdays when you can bring your little one's but it's usually a PG little kid movie.

I've never heard of a regular new flick or adultish movie telling you to bring little one's.

I have been to a theatre where they have a crying room. You sit in the back of the theatre with a glass wall and watch the movie and let your baby cry without disturbing anyone.

If you have a baby that's just a few months old and they'd sleep through it or take a bottle they would never disturb anyone. I did that until my daughter was about a 10mos. old then I didn't take her back until she was 2.5/3 years old and could understand my expectations, rules and manners. Now she's 6years old and I just bring or buy candy and popcorn and that keeps her quiet.

I also second being very annoyed with whining, crying, talking children at the theatre. I teach my own not to and if I had to I'd pull her out into the hall or to the bathroom. Luckily I've never had to do anything than a simple hush sshh..

The theatre I'm thinking of with a crying room I believe is East Bethel but I haven't been there in years like probaly 10 years.

I also rent alot of movies at RedBox inside McDonald's for a dollar a movie per night you can't beat it. There still pretty new, not exactly what's in the theatre.



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Kerosites movie theater in inver grove heights does a tuesday movie day so parents can bring their children with. I am not sure what the price or the times are though. the movie theater is called showplace 16.



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't know where you live, but the Inver Grove Heights theater has a mom and baby program. It is generally during the week in the morning. Check the newspaper for days and times.



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Not sure what area you are in but I live in North Mpls and drive to the Maple Grove Discount Theater. (Mann 10) We just have to wait a little longer for the new releases! I think it is only $4 per person for an evening movie. I have brought my son there when he was 2 months and 3 months. (Now 5 months) One of the movies we saw was a little loud there but didn't really seem to effect him that much. Slept right through most of it! Just went at nap time! I believe there are a few other dicount theaters in the twin cities but that is my suggestion to you. Best of Luck.

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