Updated on September 15, 2012
L.L. asks from Austin, MN
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Okay, so I have recently learned to play Gin, Euchre, Canasta, and Pinochle (thank you, Pogo!). All games I thought would be complicated but in fact turned out to be simple, and I can win, so I'm like "YAY! LET'S TRY BRIDGE!"


Okay, I read those little Bridge blurbs in the newspaper and it sounds like another language to me. Here's a quick example from a paper I have handy..."South hardly gave the contract his best effort. He had a 50 50 chance, the spade finesse might have won, but could do better by leading a psace to the queen at Trick Two. If the finesse won, South would start the trumps for 10 tricks."

Not that attempting to understand this would be so bad, but each and every one sounds completely different, uses different crazy words...and I just DON'T GET IT!!

So...insight, please? Is Bridge fun to play? What the HECK are these newspaper things about?

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answers from Austin on

When I was in high school (many millennia ago....), my German teacher tried to teach us all how to play Bridge... in German! Talk about confusing!

I grew up playing spades, canasta, gin, pinochle, hearts, and things like that... but couldn't get Bridge at all......

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answers from Chicago on

My MIL plays bridge and learned it from her mother and grandmother. She tried to teach me once and I was completely confused and, frankly, disinterested, so I shrugged my shoulders and said "not for me." I didn't find it fun at all. I found it a chore, and I do like a challenge, if it interests me.

My MIL likes to say that only SMART people play bridge -- but you must understand that my MIL is judgemental and likes to prejudge people on very little irrevelant information. For example, if you don't like bridge it MUST be because you are stupid, because SMART people understand it and like it. My MILs words, not mine, because I am not stupid, nor are you.

I say, if you like it, keep at it. If you are not enjoying it, let it go with no worries. I know my MIL plays with a bridge group, so if you like it and want to continue to learn, maybe join something like that. Or there must be some on-line gaming web site for bridge that you can practice with until you build up your skill enough to at least be able to understand and work with the other players. Have you thought about reading a book on it? That may help too....

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answers from Missoula on

I love pinochle and canasta, but really never got the hang of bridge. I think you need an experienced player to teach you.

Good luck!

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Bridge is the most fun out of the bunch of games you mentioned (though I am a big Pinochle fan!) With that said, I haven't played bridge in like 6 years because it takes tons of concentration!

A finesse is when you are trying to draw out a card to make other cards in your hand good --i think.

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Hi! LOVE bridge!!! I also love reading those funny, flowery descriptions of hands. Look, playing bridge is all in how you approach it. Some people are very serious and some of us, well, not so much. I learned to play in high school. We had an English teacher who loved to play. So at lunch we would be playing and sometimes he came by to play with us. Our goal? To see how late we could make him (and us) late for class. Ah, life was so simple... Anyway, do you know how to play Hearts? I think if you do the whole 'trick' thing might be easier to understand. I can tell you those columns can help once you have a modicum of understanding but they can't teach anyone the basics. Come on over, we'll sit out in the screen house, eat some treats, play a few hands, and have some laughs. You'll be hooked!
You know, I was thinking of calling a dear old friend this morning, now I know I have to!

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