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Updated on May 19, 2011
J.R. asks from Geneva, IL
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Hi ladies,

My sister's bridal shower is in a few weeks and I'm in charge of games. I'm looking for something cute and fun -- I haven't been to a shower in so long, I'm out of ideas!

Anyone been to a shower lately and played a fun game?

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answers from Detroit on

A couple that I thought were fun was a word scramble - having to unscramble the letters of I think 20 words that were wedding/honeymoon related? They also had a "BINGO" game - people would write what they they the bride would be getting as gifts - one different item in each blank square and then as she was opening the gifts "mark" off when she opened that item and once they had a bingo there would be a small gift - that one also seemed to keep people engaged in focusing on the bride and what was going on!

Hope that helps!

Good Luck and Have Fun!


answers from Chicago on

I second Toni V. You don't HAVE to play games. I know you're in charge and you'll probably play some, but most people I know prefer to just chat and mingle and not play dumb games. I don't know why we always do.

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answers from Fort Collins on

For my friend's shower, I asked her a list of questions a head of time and then asked the party guests to see who know her best. If you are friends of the fiancee you could ask him questions instead and include the bride in the game too.
(This was my favorite) I also researched old wedding traditions and their origins ahead of Why brides wear white?, What is the point of the bridal party, Why are June and July so popular or Why does the bridal party carry flowers? At the party, I asked the guests to make up their own answers and then vote on which one they thought was real (Like Malarky) It was really fun and some of the real answers were harder to believe than the made up ones.
I always thought a bride multi tasking game would be fun. Time each person doing wedding things like arranging a vase of flowers, while on the phone and addressing invitations. The winner does it the fastest. We played a baby shower game like this and it was hilarious!

One if the other games that we played was to have teams make a bridal dress out of toilet paper and vote on the best one. Make sure you have a camera for this one.

Just make sure you know your audience. If the bride is quiet and shy or the guests are older and more sedate you might want to stick to more sit down game like Malarky or wedding word searches. If your bride is more active and social you might want to try more unusual and physical games.

Good Luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

You don't have to play games, you can make it a lovely brunch/lunch and just visit with your sister, friends and family.

I don't like shower games of any kind. Instead of prizes for games, you can make some nice favors.


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answers from Lansing on

For my SIL shower I had her make a cake from scratch w/o any instructions. I got everything she needed to make it plus I threw in a few extra things that you wouldn't use but looks like maybe you would. I put it all out on the table and put an apron on her. After making it she had to bake it and when it was done she frosted and we all got to eat it (if we wanted) lol. I let her keep all the items I bought for the game - ingredients, pan, utensils, measuring cups and spoons, apron, etc. and that was also my gift (well I got something small I could wrap too). Have fun!


answers from Washington DC on

I went to one a couple of weeks ago and we played 3 games. The first was a list of lines from famous romantic movies and we had to name the movie off of the one line. The next was Elizabeth Taylor's 9 (or however many) husbands and we had to name them all by picture. Lastly they had 18 pictures of my friend and we had to guess the age :). That was a fun one I thought!

I really prefered the shower when we got to talk and mingle though. The gifts were fun too :).



answers from St. Louis on

just "search" for bridal shower games.....that's what I did & it worked great! Lots of new ideas out there.... & it all depends on the dynamics of your group.



answers from Detroit on

Divide the guests into small groups no smaller than three or four but probably up to five or six, and give each group two rolls of toilet paper and 10 or 15 minutes. Whatever the time is, time it so every group as the same amount of time. Each group will pick a "bride" and design and make a "wedding dress" of toilet paper--nothing else, no staples, tape, paper clips, etc. Everyone will enjoy seeing the beautiful "brides," and the bride can choose the best or have a vote on pieces of paper. Our groom was here and diplomatically--and with great humor--chose our winner!


answers from Los Angeles on

The funniest thing I did at my sisters bridal shower was how we opened presents. Alcohol was served (a lot...) and I think that helped with this game.

When the girls first got there, I had little cards and I had them write down something funny they would like to see the bride-to-be do. My example to them was "You want to see her sing the star spangled banner like Miss Piggy." I had 50ish hilarious suggestions. The ones who were the funniest and had their name on the back, I had them do whatever they wrote down then they were in charge of bringing the bride a few gifts. Some of the ideas were to sing "single ladies" and do the beyonce dance, another was some inside joke song they had when they were in elementary school, one was to take two shots after spinning in a circle, another to chug a beer...

It was quite hilarious seeing all these women in gorgeous dresses and heels do little dances and sing around. It really broke the ice too!



answers from Dallas on

Since a bridal shower usually is to help the couple get started on their new home, we would make a list of 20 or so slogans for household items and the guest would have to figure it out. It was fun to see everyone try to figure it out. We had ones like:

_________ take me away!! (Calgon)
Pop Pop Fizz Fizz Oh What a Relief It Is (Rolaids)
Softens hands as you do dishes (Palmolive)

I would only do one or two. You can always do bridal shower bingo, if the bride opens her gifts at the shower.



answers from Chicago on

I always think the purse game is fun. Make a list of things that can be found in a purse, and then the first person to find it gets a prize. Have some things that are common (quarter, pen, receipt), some personal to the bride and/or wedding (her favorite kind of gum, something blue), and some less common things (book, food). Have fun with it!


answers from Sacramento on

I went to a shower recently and they played only one game - it was Jeopardy - but all of the questions were centered around the bride and groom, the ceremony, the honeymoon for example you could pick "the couple" for 100 - and the question might be how long have they been dating?? then "the couple" for 200 - where did he propose....etc....then you had to answer in true jeopardy form in the form of a was fun. We played in groups of 4 and then everyone in the group that got the most points got a prize at the end. It was the only time that I had seen it done, and it was a lot of fun!



answers from Detroit on

We did a really fun game for my daughter's shower. We cut photos of brides in dresses from a bridal magazine and cut other photos of celebrities from People and Entertainment. We pasted the heads of the celebrities onto the bodies in the dresses and the guests had to figure out who they were. It was actually harder than it sounds and the guests had a blast! The bonus was the non-stop laughter my daughters and I had as we pasted Kelsy Grammar's head onto a bridal gown.


answers from Sacramento on

"how well does BLANK know her fiance?" is always hilarious! ask him a series of fun questions before, and she has to answer them at the shower. see how well she really knows her future hubby!

"toilet paper bride" is a good one too! Let ladies pair off and one has to wrap the other in TP and make a wedding gown. the best gown wins a prize!



answers from Grand Rapids on

I did games at a bridal shower for a close church family friend so everything had to be very tame.. we did:

1) bride/groom trivia (I emailed them a list of questions about each other and they answered the ones they wanted to. I made up a multiple choice sheet for everyone to guess from)

2) present/past wedding couple matchup - Our newspaper publishes 50th anniversary wedding pics alongside the original wedding pics for each couple. I cut out all the past and present pictures. The guests got a sheet of all the present day pictures and I had a board setup in the room with all the past pictures. They had to match the couple's past pic with the present pic. It got them all up and mingling too.

3) guess the kitchen utensil - I put a bunch of kitchen utensils in paper bags and they had to guess what they were without opening the bag.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I haven't read through all the answers, but just did my nieces wedding shower this past weekend. We did the left-right game. Can also be changed up to be used for a baby shower. Use 1 or 2 (or 3) wrapped gifts (depending on then number of guests) start at different locations and when the word "right" or "left" is said, that is the direction the gift goes. Whomever ends up with the gifts, gets to keep them. I had people asking me to email them the game after we did it....they all enjoyed it. Good luck!

This is a story about Mrs. Wright's bridal shower tea party. She lived right at the end of Lefty Lane, the third house on the left. Today, Mrs. Wright's was hosting a bridal shower tea party. The women would enter left, right through the front door and greet Mrs. Wright, they would head right down the stairs, turning left then right into Mrs. Wright's family room where the bride-to-be was.

Two of the girls were left-handed so they would sit at the left of the table. Mrs. Wright held up her right hand and all of her friends grew quiet, except the left-handed girl on the right patting Mrs. Wright's dog named Hefty Lefty.

Mrs. Wright asked Sarah Wright and Julie Wright to pass out the teacups starting to the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright started out left but turned back because they left the cups just to the right of the table, right next to the spoons. Mrs. Wright said, "That's all right."

Mrs. Wright began to serve her friends some pie when Grandma Wright smelled the delicious desserts and left her bedroom to join the Wright girls. She went down the stairs and turned left than right, right into Mrs. Wright's family room.

Grandma Wright knocked and entered left and sat in the rocking chair on the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright invited Grandma Wright to join them at the table.

Grandma Wright had been to many bridal showers and right before they realized it, Grandma Wright was telling them a stories from when she was the bride-to-be and went to the right cabinet and in the left drawer were pictures of her bridal shower.

As the party ended right on time, they all put their dishes right in the left side of the sink and thanked Mrs. Wright and Grandma Wright for such a wonderful time. Soon, all of the women from the Wright bridal shower tea party turned right then left, then left again to return to the front door and out to the right car that they arrived in. Down lefty lane they went.

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