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Updated on April 28, 2010
J.B. asks from Rapid City, SD
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I'm throwing a bridal shower for my soon to be sister in law. It's been awhile since I've done this, and I'd love to hear some ideas for themes, games, decor, food, etc. Maybe something you did or liked at a shower you attended! I'd also especially love to hear ideas for "keepsake" items that the shower guests could contribute to or help to create while attending the shower (like signing a quilt square or sharing a recipe for a recipe box, etc..). THANKS!

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answers from Sioux Falls on

Huge fun with this one - - -Put safety pins in a bowl with a bag of rice - have each person get blindfolded - then they have one minute to feel in the bowl and find the pins. It is crazy how many times they get soooooo close to getting the pins and they miss it. I do this for all showers that I plan!

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answers from New York on

Hi J.,

My favorite bridal shower was a themed shower - Around the Clock. Everyone attending the shower was given an hour of the day (1 p.m., 11 a.m., 11 p.m., etc.) and was encouraged to bring a gift that matched the time of the day. A person who had 9 a.m. could give the bride a waffle maker so she and her new husband could enjoy waffles for breakfast, and the person given 1 p.m. could give a gift of a picnic basket. You get the idea. The gifts were super creative and lots of fun for the bride to open. The decor at the shower was pretty normal, but the woman hosting the party did have a lot of clocks set at different times around the house. It was very clever (I wish I had thought of it when I hosted bridal showers years ago!).

At my bridal shower, everyone brought their favorite recipe and put it into a book that I use almost every day. Most of the recipe cards also had little notes and special sentiments written on them... it always makes me smile when I cook dinner at night.

Good luck, and have fun!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Do you know her well or have access to any friends who do who can guide you in a direction that's appropriate for her?

I honestly have never enjoyed bridal/baby showers, so I dreaded when people wanted to throw them for me because of that. Thank goodness, people toned down a lot of the hoopla and made it more suitable to my preferences so I could relax and really enjoy it more.

My sister did a fun thing at my baby shower which was a 25 question survey for both my husband and me to take (it was completely suitable for a bridal shower) with questions such as "what was the name of your spouse's childhood pet?" "What did your spouse want to be when they grew up?"

We took the quiz independently - she had him fill it out before the party, and compared answers. It was fun to see how well we really knew each other.
You could also dig-up old photos of her and her soon-to-be spouse and try to guess the age at which they were taken. I prefer to do things that are humorous, so any opportunity I have to get a good laugh is best for me.

I've honestly never held onto the prizes - but, I did attend an unrelated party recently where the winner of the game received really cool beaded bracelets that had been made by the hostess. Everyone genuinely loved them.

So, my personal advice is to do as much investigation as possible regarding her so you can tailor it to her specifically - what her favorite foods are, what her favorite color is, what her bridesmaid's dresses colors are, etc.

Another idea because everything is moving to the digital world is to ask everyone to provide you with a .jpeg of a favorite picture of you or her soon-to-be-husband so you can create a Facebook fan page (if they're on Facebook) or to tag and post to their individual pages so they can create an album.

Good luck - it's very thoughtful for you to want to do something great for her.

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answers from Phoenix on

My sister had this really great frame with a picture in the middle, but on the matting around it was plenty of room for people to sign or write a little message. I think I have seen them at target.
Also check out this website for is awesome!

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answers from New York on

I went to a shower quite a few years ago and all the wives at the party were asked to write a few words of wisdom for marital bliss on a card, like "never go to bed angry, just stay up all night making up". The bride to be then shared a few.


answers from Minneapolis on

A great keepsake item would be for someone to take pictures of the guests and have the guests write down some words of wisdom or well wishes. You could then create a book for the bride. You could either scan in the notes the guests wrote, or type them in - whatever works better for you.

I have helped brides with this before and the brides have absolutely loved it! I can help get you started - I am a consultant with Heritage Makers and my email is (website:



answers from Minneapolis on

A Fun dice game.
Need: Gift wrapped in a box, wrapped in another box - taped really really good. I usually use 2 gifts boxes.
Dice and a pie plate
Oven gloves (2 - one for each hand or 4 if you are using 2 gifts)
Have guest sit in circle - if they roll 7, 11 or doubles they get to put on oven gloves and attempt to unwrap present. When the next person gets a 7,11 or double they take the present, put on gloves and try to unwrap the present. Who ever actually gets to the gift inside gets to keep the present.

Best of luck with your shower.



answers from Milwaukee on

We stopped the games years ago. Just have a table of door prizes, and after every few gifts the guest of honor opens, a name is pulled. That person gets to choose a prize.
Wrapped or not, your decision.
Also, small plants in the center of the tables, a note card taped to the bottom of a chair at each table OR the longest married, most married, etc. gets the plant.



answers from Columbus on

Everyone bring a recipe.... they will be used forever!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I just held a bridal shower last weekend for my sister. We played the purse game, naming off items to be in a purse, 2 points for every day things like keys, 5 points for other items like a receipt, and ten points for stamps etc. we gave a purse hanger to the winner! We also did a bridal bingo and word scramble. We interviewed the groom on video and asked questions and played this with the bride answering as we paused the video, it was a hit! we asked guests to bring a recipe card to put in a recipe box I got for her and drew from there for the door prize. Have fun planning!


answers from San Francisco on

You can make this any theme you would like. If your temp. is hot there maybe set a few arrangements of flowers in blue/pink. Have streamers, maybe with baby names on it (you'll have to write these on). This can be done inside or out. Also play a game with clothespins and have a few small gifts to hand out to whoever wins. The first person to say "baby" and someone here's them, they get their clothespin. So whoever has the most at the end, and runner up give them a gift or let them pick it if not wrapped.
Also have ppl. sign their names on a piece of paper (raffle) and whoevers' name first gets picked they win the top price, then you could have a second or third. Theme on the cake, babycradle, rattles on cake, with icing done in blue and pink theme unless you know what she is having. Have a signing in book so that when you sister in law opens her gift, beside the person's name you can write what they bought on it. As for a lunch buffet or a later time, don't overdo if ppl. have already had their lunch. A few platters of sandwiches, pickles stuff like that. Have a punch made as well as tea and coffee. After all gifts are unwrapped, have your lunch and cake. You can also do a guessing game. Have your sister in law write down who she thinks the baby is going to look like as in eyes',nose',height. Then have guests fill in what they think and the one who is closest to what your SIL thinks, they win a gift. I think this quilt signing is fantastic. Ask each guest to bring on a card, like a recipe card, to write for you SIL quick meals, snacks etc. so that she has something to take home for herself. (actually have them do it while at the shower, that way you have the proper cards for them to write on) maybe someone can come up with a little box with "Baby" written on it for the recipes to go into. Hopefully I have been of some help and that your shower turns out perfectly. Good luck and congratulations to you SIL

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