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Updated on June 04, 2007
M. asks from Aurora, IL
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Anyone out there have any advice or referrals for Companies who do Unilock brick paver patios. Mom of 3 in need for a nice patios for my children to play as well as an area to entertain. Also contemplating a stamped concrete patio if it's more affordable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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We had a 2 brick paver sidewalks and porch done last summer. They did a great job. I highly recommend them.

Here is the company:

B & L Landscape Contractors
25 South 13th Avenue, Saint Charles, IL 60174
Phone: ###-###-####




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We had a retaining wall built by Affordable Brick Pavers. They were lower in cost them other estimates we received and we love our wall. It was done well, and when we had one or two caps that didn't stay in place they came and re-glued them and have been great since (early last year). They have a website: we will probably use them again if we have a sitting wall put in..

We have a stamped and colored concrete patio and the company we used no longer does it. We have a company we used for concrete work (slab for a hot tub and behind the garage and then sealing of the patio/etc). The concrete we had done, is done well.. but their customer service and communication is REALLY lacking. So it's to the point that we had some sealing work done for them, and we had to stay on top of them to get it done. It was NOT done by the promised date, but they made sure to cash the check promptly enough. They FINALLY are doing the sealing of the driveway today.. so we will see how it turns out. So you can either take that as a warning or you can call them.. it's really up to you. I haven't seen their stamped and colored work... as we didn't need that done just for a hot tub to sit on it. It's Rees Concrete out of Yorkville.. just an FYI.



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We are getting a brick paver patio right now. We found a very affordable, reliable installer. He did work at our old house in Aurora and several of our neighbors used him as well. He is very trustworthy. Gerry's Landscaping ###-###-#### That is Gerry's cell phone number.



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Hi M.!
We had MANY quotes (7 to be exact) for pavers and found them to be ridiculously priced. Then on top of it you have to deal with the upkeep and possible bricks popping. In the long run, we decided to go with stamped concrete. Every company that came out for the concrete were less expensive and our patio is BEAUTIFUL and it's a very oversized patio and very child friendly. We used Glen Galis. It is his and his father's company and they did amazing work. He also did a few of my neighbors after they saw our patio, as well as my sister. I will choose stamped concrete over pavers anyday.
If you are interested in giving Glen a call, his information is

Glen Galis
###-###-#### OR
###-###-#### cell

Referrals are his only means of advertising. Good luck!
K. :~)



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My husband does brick paver patios. I can give you several references if you want them. We are in Montgomery, and he has done many for our neighbors. If you can wait until July, he has openings then, and can give you a quote any time!



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We used Arrowhead. I don't have their number anymore, but you can call Unilock's 800 number and get it. We were happy with the work they did here.

We also found brick to be cheaper than stamped concrete, but that was four years ago.

Best of luck!

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