Breastfeeding Smell Curiosity

Updated on July 03, 2010
H.J. asks from Saint Paul, MN
5 answers

So I have never successfully breastfed this long (now 8 weeks) and I had noticed this distinct smell after my daughter would comer off the breast and thought maybe it was her breath but now I notice the smell even now that I am primarily pumping. Is this common, My hubby can even smell it, it isn't really a bad smell just different. And we have check it isn't

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answers from Houston on

Have you been taking any supplements or drinking any special tea to help your supply? The fenugreek contained in these supplements will often make your sweat and milk smell differently--sort of like maple syrup. Milk glands are actually just modified sweat glands...gross little fact, I know.

Also, your body chemistry changes during and after pregnancy. I rarely got stinky before I had my if I forget the deodorant I MUST stop at the store on the way to work.

Congratulations on breastfeeding eight weeks! There will likely still be some ups and downs, but the hardest part is behind you.



answers from New York on

you will have to change/wash your bra etc more often, you are probably still leaking and its a strong smell if you leak even a little or let it sit even a little. try breast pads. ... all kinds of weird changes, it will go back to "normal" eventually.



answers from Seattle on

Yeah.... breastfed babies have "butter-breath"... and then all milks have their own smell as well (just check out the difference between cows milk and goats milk.

What you're probably smelling is just the way that milk smells, if it doesn't smell bad. While I was nursing, I'd frequently end up changing my shirts at least a couple times a day for the first few months. Not to mention "washing" myself... because milk would dribble down his chin while eating and go under my breasts or soak into my bra & or shirt... which if left CAN smell bad (as it sours).



answers from Dothan on

Its normal. What you eat can affect it. Better than formula smell, oi vey!



answers from Saginaw on

i am nursing my 3rd child now and with all 3 of them i had a smell. it wasnt smelly i just could always smell it. after i stopped nursing it went away. i

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