Breastfeeding My 10 Month Old but Think I May Be Pregnant

Updated on May 02, 2009
N.L. asks from Englewood, CO
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Hi all i am currently feeding my 10 month old baby he only feeds maybe 3 times a day and has been doing that for about 3 or 4 months now. I was expecting to get my period back but nothing yet. Lately i have been feeling overly tired, itchy breasts, back cramping, nausea and little cramps nothing like period cramps. Could i be pregnant again?

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answers from Denver on

It is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding, so I recommend getting a test.

Have a GREAT day!


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answers from Salt Lake City on

Yes, you could be. About 10% of women do not get a "warning period" that their fertility is back online. Might be a good idea to take a home pregnancy test, or see your health care provider.

If you are pregnant, please be reassured that nursing the little one you have now will not harm your baby-to-be as long as you are healthy and your pregnancy is not high risk. (If continuing nursing is what you choose to do, that is.) Many of my friends have successfully nursed through a pregnancy, and even tandem-nursed after the new kid arrived. My little girl "drank nummies" until I was 20 weeks along with my son, at which point she self-weened. (She was 2 y.o.) She said the taste of the milk had changed, and I know there wasn't as much of it.

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answers from Denver on

I got pregnant with my second son when my first was 10 months old. At that time my first son was nursing 3 or 4 times a day and not really that interested anyway. Then, I found out I was pregnant! My sister has gotten pregnant before even without getting her period back. So, it would be good to go grab a test and find out! If you go to a Dollar Tree store they have pregnancy tests for $1.....better than the $7-14 for 2 tests at Walmart!! Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I got pregnant twice while exclusivly breastfeeding, and just founf out I'm expecting #4 with a nursing toddler



answers from Pueblo on

Breastfeeding three times a day is definitely not enough to reduce fertility, so chances are certainly good that you could be pregnant. You could also just be "gearing up" to regain your fertility, but at this point--if you are not pregnant--you may want to consider yourself potentially fertile in any case and decide if you want to use birth control or throw caution to the wind.

Take a test, and if it's negative, use protection (if you're so inclined) for a week, and test again. If it's negative, again wait another week (and keep using protection) and if you haven't started your period by then test one more time. If it's still negative, then you're probably not pregnant.

If you are pregnant and don't have a history of recurrent miscarriages or other ob/gyn complications, you may decide to continue nursing. There is no documented risk to the fetus or nursling or mom--just make sure that you take extra good care of yourself!



answers from Denver on

I'd get a pregnancy test to find out. You can definitely start ovulating before you get your first period. As long as you are comfortable with it, it is still safe to breastfeed while pregnant. You just need to increase your caloric intake to compensate for the pregnant and breastfeeding. If you experienced breast tenderness the first time, you may experience it again. So you'll have to decide if you can deal with the pain. Also, there's a chance your baby may stop breastfeeding during pregnancy as well. With the different hormones in your body, it can change the flavor of your milk. So like I said, it's whether the two of you are comfortable with it. Good luck and congratulations (maybe)!



answers from Denver on

Well my issues started when my daughter was 6 months old. I didn't have a period and was breastfeeding full time. I started to have pain with all her feedings and just didn't feel well. I was indeed prego!
If you are only feeding 3 times a day breastfeeding as birth control will not work!!! You must be feeding full time with no more than a few hours in between each feeding. Even then you can get prego like me!
If you and your hubby haven't been careful either, then for SURE you could be. You don't have to have a period to get prego. You can get prego the first time you ovulate- like I did.
I would take a test to be certain and see your doc. I took 3 tests for two weeks ALL negative, but sure enough at the docs I was prego.... I am now 4-5 months along with an 11 month old :)
Good luck....



answers from Casper on

It is definately possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding, believe me I have had it happen twice. I would find a test and check it out. On a side note though, you can continue to nurse and be pregnant, it is just really draining. I was unable to do it as per doctor's advice and suggestion because of some complications in one of my previous pregnancies. Good luck.
J.--SAHM of 6



answers from Pocatello on

This is exactly what happened to me, I had a 10 month old that was still breastfeeding and I hadn't got my period back yet and then I was pregnant. It was nice that I didn't have a period for a really long time but I was really tired. I tried to nurse for as long as I could but I only made it to 11 and a half months. I decided it was too much of a drain on the body to try and produce milk and grow a new baby at the same time. My son was pretty well weaning himself anyway so it worked out alright. Take a test, its completely possible and breastfeeding hormones won't produce a false positive. Some people think that, but its not true, its a different hormone that is being tested for. You probably already knew that but for anyone else...



answers from Denver on

Definitely worth checking into. I've gotten pregnant twice at 10 months while nursing. Congratulations?!



answers from Colorado Springs on

Sure! I got pregnant the second time when my first was 10 months (although I had a period when he was 4 months old--but he slept through the night). Just becuase you haven't had your period doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. Take a home pregnancy test or make an appointment with your doctor.

Also--just like others said, nursing while pregnant doesn't harm the pregnancy or take nutrients away from the baby (you just have to eat a little more). I nursed my son though most of my second pregnancy. (He was ready to wean at 15 months.)

Even if you think you might be pregnant, please make sure you are taking a prenatal vitamin! It's good for nursing and essential if you are nursing and pregnant.



answers from Salt Lake City on

of course you could, especially if you aren't using any form of birth control!!!! take or test or get in to your doc or both! i've breastfed while pregnant (though the pregnancy was planned) - and you'll especially feel extra extra tired!



answers from Spokane on

Sound like it's a definite possibility especially if you are having uterine cramping while nursing.



answers from Provo on


I agree with what every one else said, I got pregnant with my third before my period came back.

I did just want to say that I get all of those symptoms when my period is finally returning. I've generally started my cycle between 11 and 13 months after the birth of my babies, so if the test is negative your body could be trying to regulate itself. . . .

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