Breastfeeding/Low Dose Aspirin?

Updated on August 27, 2010
A.M. asks from Spring, TX
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Hi, I have been prescribed 1 daily low dose aspirin (81mg) by my OB to take preconception/during pregnancy due to blood pressure issues and previous preeclampsia. My question is.....I am still nursing my son a couple of times a day (nap time/bedtime). I'm wondering about this low dose it safe to take while nursing? I keep reading conflcting advice. Thanks!

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answers from Houston on

I also took low dose aspirin when pregnant and when nursing a toddler. I felt the benefits outweighed the risks. I wouldn't be comfortable taking aspirin every day with a newborn though.

BTW, the Preeclampsia Foundation is a great source of information and support.



answers from Houston on

I'd say it's fine, but check the LLL website, they have a lot of info on which meds you can take. Breast milk is always best and by the time the asprin gets filtered through your system, very little is reaching the baby. I'd say that's way better than all the chemicals in formula.



answers from San Antonio on

Low dose aspirin is perfectly fine. If you take over the recommended dose per day for 30+ days then it may affect you. I have done a lot of research on aspirin since I get headaches a lot with pregnancy and was concerned for my unborn fetus. However, I am only taking 2-4 when needed and not abusing or going over the directed amount of use.

You will be fine with 1 low dose a day.


answers from Houston on

i have heard vicoden is better than aspirin for breastfeeding, lol, dont know id be happy with either one

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