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Updated on August 12, 2006
J.H. asks from Allen, TX
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I'm breastfeeding my almost 4-month old son, yet have had recurring bouts of thrush almost since the beginning. I've tried nystatin (for both of us), boiling nipple bottles, pacifiers & breastpump parts and changing breast pads every time I feed or pump and although the worst of the symptoms go away temporarily, they eventually come back. I don't really want to give up breastfeeding yet, but this is a pain - and PAINFUL! Has anybody out there had this experience & found relief? Thanks!

BTW, my symptoms are: very pink and cracked nipples, and shooting pain in my breast (the one that's got the slit in it) when he nurses (not as bad when I pump, but still painful)

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So What Happened?

I ended up doing the gentian violet for a while, and thought the burning sensation I got with it was the healing. Come to find out, it's much too strong undiluted, and I was actually burning my nipples, making matters even worse...yikes!! I was prescribed a compound of an antibacterial cream, nystatin & some other goodies. Have only been doing this for a day or so, but am already getting some relief. Thank goodness!!!

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Hi J.,

I had the same husband went to CVS and got me some Polysporin (it's safe if baby gets it in their mouth). I put it on my nipple and covered with a bandaid for several hours and overnight. Life was much better!!
Good luck!



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get your hands on some Gentian Violet. Call the pharmacy to see if they have it- it can be a little bit hard to find.
It is VERY purple, and it does stain, but it's very safe and it helped so much when I had thrush.
You can apply it to your nipple with a Q-tip or cotton ball, and then apply it to your son's mouth through nursing (you will have a purple mouthed baby for a few days!). I think I applied it 2-3 times a day.
I only had thrush once, and doing this cleared it up in about 2 days.



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Before providing an overview of some advice (from my personal experience), please let me know what your symptoms are that you are referring to as Thrush. Also, have you been to your doctor about this condition? Please let me know and then I can provide more accurate/relevant advice...And, don't give up. You've got the right attitude and the right heart. Take care. L.
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I had the same problem with my three kids, and still don't know why but I found it would help if I took some "good bacteria" as a supplement, like the kind you would find in yoghurt. Try Whole Foods in their supplement section ask for the "reuteri" type and hopefully it helps. If you need to pump for a while so you can heal that can also help.
Good luck and congratulations on your family!!

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