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Updated on July 23, 2008
A.C. asks from Lemon Grove, CA
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I am currently breatfeding I am sticking to it no matter what. My question is one breast is a lot larger than the other, will this eventually balance out? When I stop breastfeeding will I just end up with one breast a lot larger than the other? My other question is that I had a c-section and its been 4 weeks and I still feel a lot of discomfort how long does it take to fully recover. How long does it take for the swelling to go down? I am currently wearing a belly band how long should I wear it?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Congrats on breast feeding! As far as one side being bigger than the other, does your son eat more off of the larger side? My daughter did great on both sides for the first two weeks, then she decided she only liked the one side. So she was exclusively breast fed from one side. Right after she stopped feeding on the one side, it became engorged for a couple of days. I tried to pump that side, but with no luck. So that side dried out and the other side for the past year has been significantly larger. My daughter is now going on 13 months and we stopped breast feeding last month. After a week of uncomfortable engorgement the one side went back down to normal size and both breasts are now the same. Don't be too concerned with the size just enjoy this special bond with your son. For your other questions, I can't help as I had a vaginal birth. Good luck! ~ C.



answers from Los Angeles on

Two great questions. I had two c-sections. You'll find recovery is different from person to person, although both of my recoveries went great, I'd say discomfort at the incision site lasted until... ? I would not expect you to not feel some discomfort still. You just had major ab surgery, it's after having a c-section that you realize just how much work those abs/lower back actually do! Go easy and wear the belly band until you are comfortable w/out it. I can't recall exactly how long until I felt no discomfort but it was longer than 4 weeks. As for breastfeeding, your breasts while working on the supply/demand will do this (be different sizes) once the supply and demand is established (for me around 9-10 weeks w/both kids) then they will even out a bit, unless you nurse more on one side. But yes, after you are done, your boobs will even out, they may be smaller, they may be bigger but they should be the same size.

Congrats on your new baby! A great place for breastfeeding advice is and




answers from Los Angeles on

I delivered vaginally, so I can't answer your question on the c-section.

As far as breastfeeding, good for you! I went back to work at 3 months, and when I did I noticed I'd pump 3-4 oz from one side and only 1-2 oz from the other side. I saw a Medela ad that said 75% of women produce more milk on one side (usually the right) than the other.

When my daughter was around 7 months old, I noticed it pretty much evened out, and I pump about the same amount from both breasts. You may want to start him out on the smaller side twice in a row, then go to the bigger side once, and back to the smaller side twice so you don't dry up. I'd also make sure to offer him both breasts at each feeding so that if he is getting a lot less milk from the smaller side, you'll start him off there to stimulate the milk production on that breast, but fill him up on the other one. Good luck, and good job for being determined to breast feed!



answers from Los Angeles on

Congrats on the successful breastfeeding! One of my breasts tends to get larger/more engorged than the other. I usually make sure she feeds from that one before bed so it's not super huge/leaking by morning. Just and demand. If you are pumping that larger one to relieve your body will think you need to produce more milk.
Also, my c-section hurt significantly still at 3 months. I'm at 6 months now and the pain has subsided but the incision site is still quite itchy and there is still some discomfort when leaning up against a counter or something of that sort.
Good Luck!



answers from Las Vegas on

Both of my kids had one breast that they favored over the other. I nursed one child until 13 months and the other until 14 months. I never had an issue as long as I nursed a little bit on the other side they didn't favor. They were a little lopsided, but not super obvious. Once I weaned them they went back to being the same size as eachother. I don't have any advice on the c section though. Good luck and great job for sticking to breastfeeding. It's the best!




answers from Honolulu on

Your breasts will respond individually to how much each is nursed on. They also will drain of milk individually depending on the positions you nurse in. So, ultimately, it kind of depends on you if you want to nurse in a way that gives you a balanced look or not. To avoid mastitis and plugged ducts, nursing in a balanced way is recommended.

Some women nurse a lot in one position on the left side because they spend excessive time on the computer typing and clicking with their right hand. Hopefully this isn't you, however, if this is...that of course will lead to looking a bit unbalanced.

Since more mothers than you may read this, I am going to share some wisdom. Deeper than the physical, outward appearance of looking unbalanced, is the development of imbalance in our relationship with our growing baby. Guarding against imbalance in this area is very important. Nursing time is a crucial opportunity we have in establishing creative, personality-developing relationship skills with our children. That can be a leap into the dark for some mothers, but it is ultimately more fulfilling for both mother and baby. There is a person inside that baby that loves you more than anyone else, hopefully save your husband and your own parents, who needs acknowledgment from you as you nurse. Make sure you are looking into your baby's eyes more than the screen, seek balance, and the treasure of love that your baby was meant to become will grow in richness. If you are already doing this, EXCELLENT!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I've had 2 c-sections - it takes about 6 to 8 weeks before you will feel zero pain, especially if you are doing too takes longer if you are doing a lot of physical activity. Regarding having one breast larger while nursing - not many realize this but this is entirely NORMAL. I learned of this too at La Leche League (which I'd recommend for you) often one side is a "power side" more milk, a stronger letdown, etc. My right side is my power side - often if you are right handed it will be that side and viceaversa. Do encourage the baby to eat on the smaller side first when you can, doing this will help to stimulate production on that side. Also, the difference in size will get less as time goes on, and when you are done nursing you may have a bit more "sag" on the larger side, but not even enough to be worried about.

Good for you for breastfeeding no matter what - you are obviously making excellent parenting choices and you have a lucky baby!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

My son preferred the right side over the left, but I always tried to get him to eat off of both sides. The one he preferred was a little larger - but I think I had better flow on that side for whatever reason. Whenever I pumped I always got more milk from the right side as well. I'm no longer breastfeeding and the right side is still just slightly larger, but not noticeable at all when clothed.

It took me at least two months after my c-section to feel close to comfortable, and about 9 months after my c-section to feel completely healed, and even then my scar would itch like mad for the first year. Intercourse also did not get really enjoyable/comfortable again until about a year after my son's birth. I think everyone is different though and healing times vary. I didn't wear a belly band because I didn't know about them until much later. If your OB isn't opposed to them (some are), that's probably a good question to ask him/her.

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