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Updated on May 01, 2009
V.J. asks from Buffalo, NY
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My son is 3 mnths now and i have been breastfeeding.At first when i used to breast feed him from one breast and not from other i used to feel heavy but now i dont feel that heavy so is it that my milk production is decreasing.I m asking this so that i can take a step of starting formula for him.

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answers from New York on

if you have been breastfeeding exclusively, and doing it fairly consistently from one breast at a time, and his weight gain is good and he is doing well, then all it probably means is that your milk production is in synch with what and when he eats. your breasts will produce what is needed, and around 3 mos is when things usually really fall into place. its not a sign of your production decreasing, rather you are producing only what he needs when he needs it. i usually did one breast at a time also. it just means that you are doing a great job and you can continue breastfeeding the way you are for as long as you both want. good job, mama!

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answers from Columbus on

I think it is normal, that *really fullness and leaking everywhere* left and never came back to that full, although at times it was fuller (growth spells) and I always had enough milk! I agree with the other posts, make sure everything else is good -- follow the wet diapers and overall wt gain! Now you may have a little less but higher calorie...... I breast fed 2 for a year!



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This is my first post here, but I have nursed 4 children, so I thought I could offer you some support. I agree with the earlier reply--Sounds like you are doing great. The heaviness will normalize as your body gets use to how much your baby is eating. You won't feel so full when he doesn't nurse from that side. However, as your baby grows and needs more milk, your body will compensate and provide more. There will be many adjustments along the way. It is all normal. Supplimenting with formula will only decrease your production, so I caution you in doing that. Eat well, get plenty rest and fluids, and your body should provide all the food your baby needs for quite some time. I nursed my babies exclusively for 6-9 months. All were healthy, robust babies :-) God bless you and your baby. T.



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Dear V.,
I, too, have been breastfeeding for 3 months and I don't leak or have that really heavy feeling in my breasts anymore. I asked a La Leche League leader about this on their excellent website, and she said it's normal. Oh, and the less you breastfeed or pump, the less milk your breasts will produce, so maybe you should reconsider introducing formula. I suggest you check out the La Leche League website. It's really helped me a lot!
Good luck in whatever you chose to do!

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