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Updated on August 06, 2010
I.T. asks from Van Nuys, CA
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hi ladies, i have question. my baby is 6 months old now, i was always just pumping and giving her milk from bottle. i am still breastfeeding. soon we will flight to europe and i am not going to be able pump as i do every 6 hrs. my question is am i going to loose my milk if will not pump for 15 hrs or more? because i want to breast feed up to 1 year so i am worry i may loose my milk if i dont pump like every day. thank you for help

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answers from New York on

oh, definitely get the advent isis hand pump. i used it everywhere - on a plane, train, in the car, at reststops, in dressing rooms, in the shower when i had clogged ducts, its great to have. its small and its quiet, i did it right at my window seat under a blanket. theres a bit of a learning curve, both putting it together and getting used to using it, so practice beforehand. bring a little bottle of dishwashing soap and you can wash it up in your hotel room or wherever with hot water. not only will it protect your supply, but it will relieve your discomfort and keep you from leaking. you can save the milk if you work it out, it comes in a little insulated bag, or you can pump and dump if you need to. it pumps right into the bottle, you can just switch the tops and feed her. have a great trip :)

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answers from Phoenix on

One long period of time between pumpings should be fine. You might be uncomfortable until you can pump again, but your milk supply shouldn't be diminished. Good luck!

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answers from Boca Raton on

I agree that you may be very uncomfortable after a long time of not pumping, but since you can't use a pump on the plane, could you take a couple of empty bottles and manually express? You will have to do it in the bathroom which is kind of gross but at least you would be able to relieve your self a little and still stimulate your milk production if you are worried.

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answers from San Diego on

I am a little confused. Have you been directly nursing on your breast too?

If so, don't worry about pumping. If she is nursing on demand your milk supply will increase after a couple of days when you go back to pumping. If there is just at 15 hour delay, you have nothing to worry about.

I pump to donate but there are some days I don't and within a day my supply is back up and established.

Good job mama for breastfeeding and wanting to for so long....I encourage you to take your baby's cues and let her nurse longer if it is mutually beneficial to you both.

My nursing relationship is something I am so grateful for! :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Is there a reason you don't just nurse? I would do that...we took a similar flight when my oldest was nine months old and it made life so easy...

On the other hand, your supply might dip a day but just losing one day shouldn't mess you up too much.

Good luck and safe travels!



answers from Honolulu on

I used the Advent Isis hand pump too.
I liked it. Works well. Easy to use.

But, direct nursing will be easiest and the most 'portable.'

all the best,



answers from Los Angeles on

I do not know if it will stop your milk flow but you will be in a great pain go to yhe bathroom and express the milk a have fun A. no hills



answers from Los Angeles on

Nurse baby on the plane-especially at take-off and landing and in between. If an electric pump is not feasible buy a hand held pump and pump in the bathroom. Yes, the longer you go without nursing your milk dries up.


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