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Updated on October 24, 2012
M.N. asks from Rigby, ID
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Hi moms. I have decided for various reasons to stop breastfeeding my 2 month old. I know many think it is the best, but honestly it isn't always. So, please no judgements; just support.
What is the best way to dry up my milk supply quickly and as painlessly as possible?

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answers from Las Vegas on

I agree with the other mom's to gradually wean. I remember when I had started to drop one feeding each day when my son was old enough to drink milk I did start to dry out. By the time I was ready to stop I didn't have any pain or discomfort at all.

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answers from Honolulu on

Before you stop breastfeeding... do you know IF your baby will take a bottle? And will she take Formula?? If not, there is no other way to feed her besides breast.
I have 2 kids, and my daughter.... WOULD NOT AT ALL take to a bottle at all ever. So I nursed. There was no other choice.
My son however, would take a bottle.
Each baby is different.

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answers from Washington DC on

The only painless way is to gradually wean by dropping one daily feeding each week or so.

If you're set on going cold turkey, are you willing to pump several times a day for the next month or so? That would help your body adjust AND give you baby the opportunity to continue getting the value of breastmilk for a few more weeks.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Gradually weaning... That's all I can say. Just stopping gives u engorgement again and lets all face it that hurts!! Stopping can also give u mastitus!! Or however u spell it!! Btw nursing does get a lot easier after the second month... But I understand!! I was there too and stopped early wish I woulda found my awesome nursing consulant b4 I stopped there SOOOOOO encouraging! Good luck!

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answers from San Francisco on

I imagine if you try to do it quickly there WILL be pain.
Do it gradually, start replacing one feeding a day with a bottle, and every 3 or 4 days, replace another feeding with a bottle, until most of the feedings are breast free.
My kids were quite a bit older when I weaned them, but I remember the morning one was the last to go, and there was no pain.
I'm sorry it's not working out for you. Never mind all the health benefits, breast milk is free, sterile and always ready to go, a true Godsend for cheap and lazy mothers everywhere, like me LOL!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know about quickly, but I think the only painlessly is gradual weaning. We BF'd for a while, so the gradual was easy. Good luck.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Ok, so the most painless way is obviously gradual weaning but it's not quick. Breastfeeding didn't work with my first and drying up the milk supply was horrendously painful. I remember saying it was worse than labor (but then I had easy and fast labors). I know I took a lot of hot showers. I've heard that cabbage leaves work. Haven't tried it personally but if I knew about it back then I would have tried it. Hopefully someone else can help you in that respect; otherwise, I'm sure you could google. I think you just put whole cabbage leaves in your bra. Good luck!

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answers from Anchorage on

If your baby is already taking formula then try cabbage in your bra, and if you get sore let warm water from the shower run over your breasts. If the baby is not yet taking formula, then pump to mix in with the formula to get her used to the flavor, and this will also allow you to cut your supply down gradually before going cold turkey. good luck



answers from Kalamazoo on

Cold cabbage leaves in your bra. Ive read on breastfeeding websites this can relieve engorgement, but not to do it too much or it can decrease your milk supply, so for you I think it might help. The best way, as I think someone already said is to cut out one feeding every few days and replace with a bottle. More gradual weaning is better for you and baby. Many people choose to keep nursing just at bedtime and naptime, its not as intense on you, but baby still gets those antibodies, just something to consider.



answers from Topeka on

You have a few choices to gradually wean baby off,offering more formula bottles during the day or just taking baby off the breast not offering it at all & only formula,you'll have engorgement pain swelling the need to take off your bra to let the milk down (wear pads during this transition) but as long as baby isn't sucking your milk supply will decrease also if your using any supplements to increase milk get off them to help the process.After my babies weaned all at various ages I went through some pain tenderness but eventually you'll notice lighter breast less leakage in about a week.You may also be surprised that if your done you may not go through the stages of weaning.I have heard of cabbage leaves I however took Ibprophen for pain & used ice packs.It wasn't bad when my 3rd weaned off @ 15 months because the breast wasn't her only food source.



answers from Salt Lake City on

First, make sure your little one is comfortable with a bottle and has no digestive issues with formula. Switching before you've established an alternative would be disastrous.

If possible, wean one feeding one week at a time. That gives you and the little one both time to adjust to the changes, but it does take time.

Once that hurdle is cleared, from what I understand (not for experience - from listening to others) there are medications available to dry things up quickly. Or if you prefer a natural alternative, believe it or not, put cabbage leaves in your bra. Sounds weird, but works - the cabbage leaves emit a chemical that prompts the mammary glands to slow production. Again, this is something I know to be effective from the experiences of friends, not from personal experience. But I've read about it, and it is well documented, and not just in the loony sources.



answers from Bloomington on

Haven't read other responses, sorry if I repeat... Wear a tight bra ( maybe 2) & bind your breasts.



answers from Seattle on

There is no painless way to do this QUICKLY. You can wear a tight bra and pump occasionally to relieve discomfort (if you do not empty the breast you will not stimulate a lot of milk production). If you do it that way it may take a bit longer (a few weeks), BUT it will be less discomfort, less risk for plugged ducts and mastitis and you can mix the milk into your child's formula (unless you are taking some sort of drug of course).
Good luck.

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