Breastfed Four Month Old with Green Poop; Foremilk/hindmilk Imbalance

Updated on October 16, 2008
C.R. asks from Birmingham, AL
6 answers

My breastfed four month old has green bowel movements (no signs of illness; NOT rotavirus!). For nearly a week all of her b.m.s have been green to some degree; a few *shockingly* green ones while others more brown/green or yellow/green.

I understand this is likely due to a foremilk/hind milk imbalance and isn't uncommon. And I've read that one solution is to offer only one breast per feeding.

So I have two questions: (1) Is such an imbalance a concern? i.e. is the green poop *bad* for my little one (she's 95th percentile in weight and thriving)? (2) If I offer one breast per feeding, is that something I'll have to continue indefinitely?

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answers from Grand Rapids on


Foremilk is more watery to satifsy a babys thirst and Hindmilk is thicker and richer (Fattier) to satisfy hunger. If she is in the 95th percentile and doesn't get fussy at feedings it sounds like nutritionally she is getting what she needs.
If you start offering only 1 breast at each feeding your body will adjust to that and only produce milk accordingly. If you decide to go back to feeding from both sides your body will adjust to that too, although it will take some time for your milk supply to "catch up".

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answers from Detroit on

Yes it could be a formilk hind milk issue but she may just have green poop. All three of my girls who were exclusivly bf for the 1st 7 months had green poop at various times. Make sure that she completely empties one breast before switching to the other side. As far as I could tell that as long as she is gaining weight and thriving there isn't too much concern.
Enjoy this time it flys by!

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answers from Detroit on

probably something that you are eating.

if she is happy and healthy and growing dont worry about it

I fed both kids on one side per feeding.

It worked better for us.

I was an overproducer and my kids had reflux. so they couldnt handle eating on boht sides when they were young.

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answers from Detroit on

1) My 6 month old will occasionally have green poop, but like your daughter she'si n the 95th percentile so I don't worry about it too much.
2) I only offer her one breast per feeding because I have an oversupply. This works great for us. If you fear your daughter won't be getting "enough" each time, keep her on one breast for as long as possible (through a couple letdowns at least, if you have more than one per feeding) and then switch to the other side. Just make sure to start her next feeding on the side you last fed her from.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi C., I breast fed my son until he was two months shy of turning three yrs. old.
I did the one breast at a time routine early on. He nursed so often that I could barely keep track. One breast at a time simplified it for me. It will take your body a short time to adjust (lopsided breasts) but it will soon adjust.
I think it is much easier to do it this way (but what do I know, I only have one child). Plus you don't have to worry if they are getting the hindmild this way.
good luck. (nobody will notice your lopsided breast but you)

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answers from Saginaw on

One of the biggest culprits with green poo, and especially the neon green stuff, is "grape." Whether you've had a grape soda, grape kool aid, grape medicine, grape candy... If you've had any of those kinds of things, it can carry over into your milk supply and affect the baby. There is nothing wrong with it if that is the cause. Just FYI...

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