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Updated on July 02, 2009
J.S. asks from Orangevale, CA
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Hi Moms! Since I can ask you all anything on here, I thought I would throw this out to see what your experience has been. Up until two weeks ago, my 3 month old daughter was having the standard breastfed baby poop....mustard yellow, sometimes seedy, very moist, etc... Two weeks ago it changed. Although it is still yellow, it seems really dry. I used to see a lot of "fatty" material in it and is was pretty "gooey." Nowdays there isn't a lot of poop in the diaper and again, it seems really dry in comparison to what it used to be like. Any thoughts? Is it normal for poop to change like this or is my baby dehydrated? I have a doctor appointment next week but wanted some advice before then. Thanks!

P.S. - My baby is exclusively breastfed. No change in diet.

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So What Happened?

Thank you sooooo soooo very much for the responses thus far. I feel very encouraged that everything is normal. My baby is growing, happy, and otherwise healthy so my guess is that the poop changes are normal and probably due to changes in my baby's needs. The advice nurse was pretty useless and told me to give the baby water which I know is not a good idea in exclusively breastfed babies. I suspect her pedetrician will discuss supplementing with formula which I won't do just for the sake of doing. I did a lot of reseach online and can honestly say that there is nothing out there that points to a problem with my baby! So for now - I'll leave well enough alone. My milk knows what to do! :)

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Hi J.,

Totally normal~ just feed her as usual and if she wasn't producing enough wet diapers, then I would talk to the doctor. She sounds just fine!

Take care,


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I bet she is a little less hydrated, especially with the heat, but that doesn't mean she is dehydrated. If she IS dehydrated, then her urine output will be less, and it will be yellow-orange in color, and if it gets bad, there may be crystals. If you contact the advice nurse at your pediatrician's office they can advise you better than we can and suggest if you should offer your baby some water and how much.

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I remember seeing that change with both of my kids at around that age. I was assured by the doctor at the time that it was completely normal. He said that breastmilk is so easy for them to digest, and sometimes there's less poop because they've actually used almost everything in the milk so there's not much "waste" to be had. Also keep in mind that your milk changes with your child's needs, so maybe you're producing different nutrients at this point as well.

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my baby's poop went solid between 3 and 4 months....not "solid", more "soft-serve"....totally normal. baby's systems and developments change with 3's...3weeks, 6 weeks, 9 weeks, 3 months, 6 months.....etc. your breast milk changes too accordingly!

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To clear it up, you should NEVER give water to a baby under 6 months old!!! They get all the water they need through their breastmilk or formula!

That being said, it sounds fairly normal, but I second making sure you're well-hydrated yourself. Your breastmilk will always be made specifically for your baby and will give her what she needs in spite of your own diet (minus the Vitamin D debate going on right now). However, your diet will help insure that she'll acquire nutritious tastes because the taste of your milk varies with each food item you eat!

If you have questions regarding breastfeeding, you can always call Nursing Mothers Counsel at (650) 327-MILK or check out our website at There are many information sheets on the website, or if you choose, you can call and be assigned your own FREE one-on-one peer counselor. We're all nursing moms and have more than likely been exactly where you are right now! However, if you have a real concern, don't hesitate to talk to her doctor about it, but be prepared for the doctor to give you misinformation (and possibly encourage you to give formula supplements) if he/she isn't familiar with breastfeeding.

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Hi J.. Congrats on your baby girl. I am responding because somebody had advised giving water. I have heard from a lactation consultant to never give water to a baby if they are nursing well - they get enough from the breastmilk (too muck water can lead to BIG probs in a baby). It's probably nothing to worry about, but I would check with your daughter's pediatrician prior to giving any supplements. I think I have noticed the same with my daughter's diapers (she is about 2 weeks younger than your daughter), especially if I don't change them right away and the liquid has soaked in to the diaper a bit. Hope all is well!

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Shes dehydrated. Start giving her a bottle of water. The heat is probably causing it but she needs water.




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Make sure you are well hydrated, and drinking plenty of water. You don't want your baby to be nursing "concentrated" milk. ;)

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