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Updated on March 05, 2007
A.F. asks from Singer, LA
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I know I'm a little early in my pregnancy to be asking about breast pumps, but I was hoping to go ahead and get some advice in hopes that I could go ahead and make an informed choice to buy one. My wrists are weak so the hand models don't really work for me. The two electric ones I tried before hurt me or made me way too tied down. I couldn't do anything while I was pumping. My daughter will be about two and a half when the new baby gets here and I will be a stay at home mom. I've heard about the whisper wear pumps, Has any one used this one? I just really need one that won't tie me down too bad and I can get the job done without having to quite pumping early for any reason. Thanks for your advice.

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So What Happened?

I couldn't get a whisper wear due to the company having problems with production of them. Because Kara did come so early I got a hospital grade pump from WIC.

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Unfortunately, the act of extracting milk from yor breast is difficult to "multi task". I'd stay away from the double pumps as those will ceratinly tie you down. At least with the single pump, you have one hand free. I did not like any of the mini electric pumps. The suction was very weak and it took FOREVER to get just 2 ounces out. The Medela Pump in Style was too big,bulky,expensive and it broke on me. babies R Us would not take it back so i had to contact Medela and wait for them to "troubleshoot" me for weeks before they sent me another. I ended up selling it on Ebay.
My personal favorite was the First Years Single Electric Pump. It had the perfect amount of suction and it worked fast.

I'd recommend it again and again. They also have Double Pump that allows single hand operation - the only premium double pump to offer single handed double pumping.



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Hi A. !

I did used breast pump since Day 1 because my baby doesn't want/know how to latch. I highly recommend MEDELA electric breast pump it's expensive but it's worth it if you plan on breast feeding for long period of time. Also Medela breast pump can be rented in most hospitals you just have to buy the attachments and bottles. I also did used Avent Manual breast pump and it's good too and very affordable.
Goodluck !




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I highly recommend Ameda Purely Yours. I haven't seen them in most stores around here, but I think you can order it online. I purchased mine at The Mother's Place in Southlake.



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I have to recommend the medela mini electric. You can get an attachment that you put on your bra so its hands free and the pump itself is AWESOME! They range anywhere from $65-80. OR the Pump in style by Medela is great also. I used both. The mini was good for traveling. But the Pump in Style was good for expressing quicker since its a double(very quiet too). Hope that helps!



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I have heard of the whisper wear and don't know where to get them anymore since they werent very popular, problems I heard, and were expensive, since you could only pump into thier specialty bags that were difficult to use. The Mothers Place in Southlake carries the Ameda Purely yours, I have heard pro's and con's on that also like any pump. The Nesting Place in Grapevine carries a good line of Medela pumps and accessories. There are 2 systems that will hold almost any type of breast shield in place for you. Medelas hands free system and my favorite an Easy Expressions "bra" (it actually zips up over your bra and holds the shields in place, then unzips when you are done and fits back in your pump bag)
The Mothers Place is ###-###-#### and The Nesting Place is ###-###-####.
I am a lactation consultant at The Nesting Place and will be happy to help you decide which one will fit your needs if you choose a medela. I also have the hospital grade rental pumps and all of the accessories you may need.
I hope this is helpful.

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