Breast Pump Broke

Updated on May 14, 2010
A.P. asks from Delaware, OH
11 answers

Hello Mom's. I need to buy a new breast pump quick. I was debating buying the same pump I have today - Medela or try the Avent. I was leaning towards the Avent, thinking maybe I will be able to express more milk with a differnt type of pump. I always thougt that maybe the pump I had was not allowing me to express the amopunt of milk I needed. I am not sure. Either way, anyone have any advise for me on which pump[ may be better. Both electric dual pumps.
Thanks for any advise!

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answers from Phoenix on

Believe it or not you can rent one. (all of the attachments that touch the milk are disposable) I had to when I had to take a medication that precluded breast feeding. I tried one of the portable ones, but couldn't express enough- so the electric single pump was my choice. Renting might give you the chance to see what works best for you.

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answers from Cleveland on

I had a cheapo pump long ago when my kiddos were nursing, can't even remember the brand (Gerber?). Anyway, sometimes you think the pump itself is the problem, but really it is that the hose is leaking, or something isn't sealing properly, or you need fresh batteries,etc etc.

i think the idea of renting both is great, lets you try before you buy.

good luck!

K. Z.

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answers from Evansville on

I used dual electric with my first pregnancy and I use a single manual now with the second. No difference for me, but manual is cheaper. If you want to express more milk, try this though:
1. Eat oatmeal, the original old fashioned type. You can add milk, fruit, or whatever but stay away from the instant as it is not as beneficial. There is argument over whether this is myth or fact, it worked for me. Think moo.
2. Always drink a glass of water before you pump, or breastfeed. ALWAYS.
3. Make a photo album with your child's newborn pictures and flip through them while you are pumping. (I keep a small brag book in my pump case.) Becoming emotional usually gets the milk flowing!
4. Don't drink caffeinated beverages, soda, or take antihistamines. Caffeine, sudafed and allergies meds will dry up your sinuses and your milk!
5. Call La Leche League or go to their website: for more help.
Good luck. ;)

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answers from Indianapolis on

My only experience with breast pumps is with Medela, and I love mine. Hospitals use medela also. The amound of milk expressed may not totally be due to the pump, some women just have a difficult time letting down milk with a pump. If you plan to pump often, either for work or you want a good supply in the freezer, I would go with the nice medela one. Spending the money is very worth it! If it is just to pump occassionally, you could go with a manual or cheaper pump.

Good luck,
A. V.



answers from Stationed Overseas on

I too loved my Medela but remember a pump will not work as efficently as a child. And if you have a concern about the Medela then try a different one. I know several people who have the Avent and it works fine for them.


answers from Barnstable on

Medela makes a great pump, but baby is best :)



answers from Indianapolis on

If it was an external part you should call the company and see if you can get a new part. My Medela lasted through my first two children without any problems. After a few months of using it with my third baby, it broke. I didn't want to buy a new one since this our last child so I called Medela and they replaced the part for free.


answers from Austin on

I never used the Medela. One of my girlfriends told me that she and her other friend both got the Medela and hated it. She straight-up told me to get the Avent.... So that's what I bought. Never had any issues with it.



answers from Indianapolis on

I didn't get a lot pumped unless I practically squeezed the milk out using my hands at the same time the pump sucked:( The pump just didn't do a good job of stimulating my breasts. Maybe softer or larger horns would work for you? You can get horns that aren't stiff for the Medela pumps, I don't know if anyone else makes them for their pumps.



answers from New York on

did yours break?
I would call the company to see if you can get something from them!

i know it dosent help you in the moment but worth a try!! they are expensive!


answers from St. Louis on

Never used Avent but have a Medela and LOVE it. Am using it with my 2nd child.

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