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Updated on July 07, 2009
P.M. asks from Haverhill, MA
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I was wondering what you've done with your used breast pumps? I have the Medela pump in style and used it for 18 months. As we all know breast pumps aren't cheap so I hate to just get rid of it, but I've hear you aren't really suppose to sell them either because they arent "sterile" anymore.
Sowhat can I do with the thing?

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answers from New London on

The machine portion of the pump is the expensive part and can be given or sold. The hospital gave me the sterile portions and I used my sisters pump. In fact, the same pump has now been used for 4 babies (2 of mine, 2 of hers)!

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answers from Boston on

I would recommend you check around with people you know well. My best friend had a pump in style she used for about 3 months and then let me use for about 4 months. I was able to order new tubes as I was afraid of the whole "sterile" issue, but I also trusted where I was getting the pump from. I never had a problem and when another friend asked me about it, she trusted me and my judgment and used it for almost a year, basically used it up. I think it's great you want to pass it on, but basically it has to meet the comfort level of the person you're loaning /giving it to. I couldn't have afforded to buy such a nice one at the time, so I was endlessly grateful for having the trusted opportunity. Check around, it's too wonderful of a resource to throw away.
You can also check with the local WIC office. They loan out pumps and may know how to sterilize. They'll probably tell you not to share, but you'd want to clean it thoroughly before putting it into storage for "next time" anyways.



answers from Hartford on

I agree with the other posts. I lent my used one to a close friend and to my sister-in-law. Both bought new tubes (about $50) vs. buying a whole pump ($250). Both were unsure how long they were going to breastfeed and didn't want to make the $ investment for a short term. My friend only used it a few months, but my sister-in-law nursed for about 8 months and ended up buying another one to keep at work and kept mine at home. I'm not sure that a random stranger would buy that at a tag sale or something.



answers from Providence on

I sold my Medela pump in style on ebay and got very good money for it. check the others out and watch to see what they sell for.



answers from Burlington on

i pretty much have the same advice..i would find a family member or someone close that wouldn't mind using a previously used breast pump. my cousin bought one and only used it for 5 months, so she let me borrow hers. She cleaned hers really well so I wasn't worried it not being sterile. The important thing is before storing it to wash everything you can and run water through the tubes, and then let everything dry COMPLETELY.



answers from Springfield on

I tried Freecycling them but had no takers.
It ended up in the trash...



answers from Boston on

Hi P.,

I got $200 for mine on craigslist, including some bottles. The woman was thrilled and just had to buy new tubing and new nipples for the bottles.



answers from Lewiston on

I would post the pump on a local website for moms or on My breast pump with my first daughter was a used Medela pump and it makes absolutely no sense that it is unsterile. It is completely fine as long as the tubing is changed, which can be found at the local hospital or any store that sells breast pump equipment. How else do hospitals/stores rent pumps if they are unsterile?

I am part of a mom's group and we have often borrowed/loaned pumps to new moms who are having issues nursing or want to try out the pump before spending money. You could change someone's nursing experience by offering a great pump at a low price!



answers from Hartford on

I had an Avent manual pump that I used occasionally. Never used the bottles for my baby, only for milk storage. I saved all the paperwork and original packaging and sold it all on ebay. I did boil all the used parts prior to shipping.



answers from Boston on

I don't see anything wrong with selling the pump. You just don't give them any of the pieces that touched your breast/milk. I used a preowned pump myself. It was through someone my mom knew though. The free price was right we changes out all the lines for a fracton of the cost.



answers from Hartford on

You can sell them, the new owner will want to purchase a new tube but the rest can be steralized. This is information came to me from a Peditrition and a lacatation consultant.

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