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Updated on September 20, 2012
C.P. asks from Columbus, OH
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Could I get some recommendations for the best affordable breast pump? Also, I don't know too much about breast feeding I want to pump and supplement with formula. Is it ok to feed breast milk at night, and formula during the day?


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answers from Los Angeles on

If you're looking to save money consider renting a breast pump. And depending on how motivated you are, consider buying a used one. Some people may be grossed out, but you buy new all the parts connected to your body so it's sterile.

In my experience, breast pumps last a very long time, so buying used is a good deal. I have mom friends who have rotated a breast pump around families for over a decade and it still works like a charm. My breast pump works great, has had at least 3 owners and is probably about 7 years old.

As far as when to pump and feed breast milk, I guess it doesn't matter. Only keep in mind to regularly pump throughout the day (and night) to keep your supply strong.

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answers from Washington DC on

Check with the hospital where you'll deliver and see about pump rentals. Hospital grade pumps are MUCH more efficient than anything you could buy yourself.

Often you can get the pump free for a month or two then pay some rental fee each month. If you aren't planning on nursing at all, you'll want a good strong pump or you'll be spending way to much time attached to that thing in order to get enough for you little one.

You can decide to do whatever you want in terms of formula and breast milk, but if you are deciding that you'll do one at night and one in the day (not sure why you'd do that, but it's your choice), I'd flip flop what you're planning since formula is less digestible and stays in baby's stomach longer so you are less likely to have as many night time feedings than you feed breastmilk at night.


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answers from New York on

Like others already suggested, renting from where you deliver is a fabulous idea. You can get er, "aquainted" with the pump without the committment and can start storing/freezing your milk!

I actually was able to nurse and pump at the same time. Sure it was only one breast, but I needed the stimluation from my baby to pump.

As for affordability, I got a Medila for about $199 from amazon. It was light, discreet and worked like a charm.

Do what's best for you regarding breastfeeding/formula. You will hear lots of opinions.

When I returned to work, my milk supply diminished and pumping become an issue. I was devastated when I had to supplement, but a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

Good luck!

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answers from Milwaukee on

Babies are finicky. You may have grand ideas of how you want to do it going in, but plan for it not to work out. Breastmilk tastes much better than formula. It's easier to drink from a bottle. Nursing is comforting and quieting to a baby. Pumping is hard work. Formula sometimes constipates. Breastmilk sometimes gives gas.

Take it one day at a time. I am assuming you want to go back to work. Start with nursing for now and then add in some pumping and decide if you want to supplement with formula down the road.

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answers from Syracuse on

Don't look to save too much money here, this is one item that you want to be efficient and good quality! If it's not a good pump, you won't use it as much which could make it harder for you to want to stick with it.

Medela Pump and Style is excellent. I had trouble breastfeeding my 1st son and was able to pump almost exclusively with this pump for 9 months.

You could try to see if you could find one on Craig's List for less.

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