Breast Pain After Nursing

Updated on March 27, 2011
C.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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H Mamas,
I have a 9 week old I am exclusively breastfeeding and it has been going great up until about two weeks ago. After he feeds on my right breast(it is a bit uncomfortable as he latches, but not unbearable), I am getting a sharp, burning, shooting pain in the breast, behind the nipple for up to 3 hours after he feeds. It is excrutiating. I have been to my doctor and spoke to my midwife and no one seems to know what the problem is. I took a course of antibiotics(didnt help), they say it is not thrush. Had a CBC done this week to rule out infection, it was normal. I have resorted to pumping on the right only and feeding him on the left only. It mysteriously doesn't hurt to pump.

Any ideas?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the info.! I looked up the Raynaud's Syndrome, and this is what it sounds like, I actually let him feed on the right side this morning for the first time in a week and it tingled some afterwards, but no severe pain.I am hoping it has worked itself out.
Thank you so much for your responses!

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It sounds like his latch is the problem. Try holding him in a different position while nursing. Also, it wouldn't hurt to talk with a lactation consultant. Most doctors, while encouraging and supportive of breastfeeding, really don't know much more than the basics. Lactation consultants are experts and can really help you dig deeper and solve the problem. Good luck!

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yeah it sounds like a latching problem. I'm surprised a midwife wouldn't know that. Most of them around here are pretty good with bfing. But yeah I would talk with a lactation consultant or go to La Leche League online and get some help there.

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I agree with others; it is probably a latching problem. It could be you have a sore spot on your breast from the baby latching on wrong, and the pain just keeps getting worse and worse the more he does it. Especially if it doesn't hurt to pump. I agree with others, go to a good lactation consultant and see what she says. A lactation consultant really helped me with my first baby. Good luck! :-)

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Might be he's not latching well on that side. If thrush isn't the diagnosis... then lazy latch may be. Nipples on each breast are different... so sometimes the latches are too. At 9 weeks, your infant hasn't mastered the art of latching on. Get some help from a Le Leche League or an IBCLC. Also check out the wesbite whjo offers tutoirials and videos, as well as tons of info. is a great resource too!!



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I had something similar happen at about 14 months and found out it was a plugged duct. It was very-slightly swollen and I didn't see any white 'bubble' appear on my nipple until a week into the pain (it was a small white area). What reeeeally helped was heat. Take a disposable diaper, open it and pour boiling water into it (don't fill it totally, you want to leave room for more water later), let cool until you can just about stand it, tuck inside your bra and keep it on till it cools. Repeat a few times (after 3 times I went to bed and by morning I had significantly less pain). I repeated it the next day too. Also, massage in a downward motion toward the nipple in order to move the blocked part out. Having your little one nurse is also very good in moving the blockage out, but that's the most painful. I second looking for a good lactation consultant, they're worth their weight in gold! Kelly Mom (a great nursing resource), has more good info here: ttp:// as does The Leaky B@@b:!/TheLeakyBoob HTH!



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Is your nipple white right after he unlatches?

Sounds like Raynaud's phenomenon.

Here's some info:

I had this with my son. It eventually went away, but I was miserable when I had it. And I was nursing my second kid, so I knew what I was doing!

Good luck!!



answers from Orlando on

I remember that happening to me as well, although I did have some latching problems in the beginning and a swollen duct or two, which I would just massage out in a hot shower (always helped). So, I can't tell you if it was the latch or the duct, and I can't remember what my consultant said about it, but the pain did go away after a few weeks. If the latching pain just recently started, it may be the latch. Just know that it isn't a horrible thing (except the pain, I know!) and it will go away. This does happen to other Mommies :) Good luck and congrats on baby!

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