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Updated on February 01, 2011
A.H. asks from Orlando, FL
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hello, i have been researching lately and i have just figured out that i have multiple symtoms of breast cancer.Im 12 but i dont want to tell my parents until i have the opinions of not sure if im too young or not but if heard of many cases of people younger than me getting it.right now, id rather choose going to the doctors than posible you guys know of any good doctors in kearny or around there that are specialized in breast cancer?thank you.

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hello everyone. thank you so much for your responses and i asked my mother.she is soon going to send me to a specialist to see if i really do have cancer or not.wish me luck

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if it makes you feel better its rare for women under 30 to get breast cancer. at your age breasts are supposed to be changing and can get sore. the doctor will not check you without your parents so ask your mom or dad to take your for a check up

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Talk to your parents right away and have them help you find a doctor. I am going to guess that at your age you have all sorts of other things going on your breast that sound like these descriptions and I am urging you to not worry but I agree go to the doctor. And remember the doctors are there to help with so many conditions, they are wonderful. I really don't think you have breast cancer. I had uterine cancer and descriptions in books can match things but do not always match up to our self diagnosis that we do. And so many different things are now correctable. I would guess that you are undergoing a lot of hormonal changes and that can produce all sorts of goofy feelings in all parts of your body. So do not worry. Just be open with your parents.

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If you're 12, your breasts are probably still developing. The internet can be a dangerous thing for anyone of any age. Don't try to diagnose yourself. If something doesn't feel right, tell you Mom and have her take you to your pediatrician. I just had my 11 year old daughter at the doctor today because she had a lump under her ribs. Turned out to be a pulled muscle from shoveling snow. She noticed it last week and we went to the doctor today. I didn't spend the last few days worrying that it was cancer, I got it checked and it was nothing. Really the chances of breast cancer at 12 are very very remote. Just tell your Mom.

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Your pediatrician & parents will know where to take you.Your 12 yrs old you can't legally get medical assistance without a guardian.
There are also many reasons why a womans breast will endure different signs & symptoms.

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You need to talk to your pediatrician or health care provider and your parents. Your health is not something to take lightly.

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I agree with everyone. You must talk to your parents and to your pediatrician. If you are uncomfortable going to your parents, call your pediatrician and he/she will help you or ask another adult in your life (grandparent, aunt, etc) to help you.



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I remember my breasts being lumpy at that age and the cartalige moving around inside but these changes were due to my breasts growing. So many times they do feel the same way but you do need to have a doctor check and make sure you do or don't have cancer.

This would be a good time to talk to your mom as a young adult about your body and the changes. You two will become friends and can share things. Let the doctor make the decision and you not stress.

Please do write us back and let us know what happens.

The other S.



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Hi A.,

Although breast cancer is very rare but not uncommon in a girl your age you should definitely be sharing these concerns with your parents. Please don't wait for advise form anyone else and go straight to your parents, this is what they are there for to protect you and find teh best care for you.



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You would need your parents to see a doctor. You don't need to see a doctor who specializes in breast cancer, you have not been diagnosed and it's almost definite that you don't (and I have had it). Breast cancer is not symptomatic typically until it's very far advanced. You don't mention what symptoms you have, but if you're feeling lumps or having tenderness, it may simply be your breasts developing or you getting ready to get your period (all normal things at this age, I have a teenage daughter)
I would urge you to discuss what you are concerned about with your mom, she (and your doctor if need be) can help you to understand what is and is not normal development during puberty.



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A.~~Tell your parents!!! If not them...then go to your guidance counselor at school!!! Either need an adult to help you with what you are dealing with !!Good Luck!!


answers from Albany on

Hi A.,
These are concerns that you need to discuss with
1st Your Mom
2nd Your doctor

And please do, since the WORSE thing about diagnosing yourself (at ANY age) with a serious illness is the stress that comes with it.




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tell parents right now get to dr what signs do you have i think your misinformed please get help



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As others have said, talking for your parents and getting a check up is probably the best place to start. A pediatrician will be able to tell if you need to see a specialist or if your symptoms are common symptoms of puberty (soreness, bumps, uneven size, etc can happen as your breasts are growing). There are some pediatricians who specialize in adolescent medicine if you are looking for a new doctor. In the meantime there is a lot of information available about how a girl's body changes during puberty. You might want to ask the school nurse or a health teacher for a suggestion of a good book about it. My grandmother was a school nurse and gave me a pile of booklets when I was about 10 or so. Sometimes a normal but less common symptom is mentioned in one booklet and not another. I still remember having that happen to me when I was 12 or 13 and reading three booklets before finding the information I wanted in the 4th one. Also, if you are really uncomfortable talking to your parents you could see if the nurse could help you break the ice. You could also leave a note for one of your parents.

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