Breakout After Eyebrow Wax

Updated on December 13, 2011
A.S. asks from Dallas, TX
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It has been over 10 years since I had my eyebrows waxed but this weekend I decided to have them done in preparation for a party I was attending. After I had them done I came home and washed my face. I'm not real sensitive to anything on my face but I wanted to wash my face anyways. I put the same moisturizer on that I normally do after washing my face. Yesterday I broke out in a bumpy rash across where my eyebrows were waxed. It kind of looks like acne but it feels more like a rash. It is slightly itchy. I tried some astringent on my face yesterday thinking that it was caused by something left over on my skin but nothing happened. Any ideas? Any suggestions? Have you had this happen before?

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answers from Houston on

I had it and my eyes swelled terribly. I used Neosporin to make it go away and now I take Neo with me every time I go and immediately put it on. The foreign-owned nail salons tend to reuse the wooden stick on every client. Ask them to use a clean one on you.

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answers from Albuquerque on

Happens every time I have my eyebrows waxed at a nail salon type place, and never when I have it done at my expensive hair salon. Someone told me that the breakout/rash thingy is caused by germs and can be prevented by washing your face real good - but that hasn't worked for me. I think it's mostly the type of wax used and how it interracts with my skin. My hair salon uses "chocolate wax" and I've never had a reaction. As for how to fix it... I've never found a solution other than keep the rash moisturized and let it run it's course. (sorry!)

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answers from Charlotte on

I'd try a different place, and I wouldn't put anything on my brows for at least a day or more, including moisturizer.

Also, if you do it more often, it might stop happening.

Truly, go somewhere else to get your brows done, because what they use doesn't agree with you.


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answers from San Francisco on

It sounds like whatever they used was too harsh for you--go and try somewhere else. Also, wait to wash your face for a few hours until the redness subsides-usually 2-3 hours. GL




answers from Dallas on

I suggest you stop waxing and go for threading. You are less likely to get germ transfer. As for what is currently happening, clean with soap and water and apply neosporin to counteract the reaction.


answers from Eugene on

Put clay on your breakout to draw out the stuff you are allergic to.

This happened to me a few months ago. I decided to do my own eyebrow with a tweezer.



answers from Chicago on

I started having that happen to be during my first pregnancy.



answers from Phoenix on

This happens to me everytime I get waxed or plucked, about every two months. I have sensitive skin/hair follicles. Since, it's been such a long time for you, I think your skin under your eyebrows was a little tender and over sensitive.
The good thing about mine is that it usually goes as quickly as it comes, usually only lasts a day. I don't "do" anything for it, just wait it out. My suggestion would be not to use the astringent next time, that may have irritated your skin even more.

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