Breaking up the Phlegm in My 16/17 Month Old's Chest.

Updated on February 22, 2009
I.T. asks from Bakersfield, CA
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Hi Ladies,

I'm interested in knowing what specific things you do to help your little ones (and big ones) to break-up and expell the phlegm. She doesn't know how to make herself cough to clear her throat yet. She doesn't really have a cough- just a runny nose (clear), intermittent fever, and rattly sounding chest. I plan on calling her Dr. in the morning, but I anticipate a Rx of plenty of fluids and possibly additional vitamins. I also plan on asking about Hylands Cough Syrup. Any additional input/thoughts would be appreciated.

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Vicks Baby Rub on the feet and then put socks on for bedtime really helped and is a remedy to work with nerve endings in the foot.

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Hello I.,

In addition to the other suggestions, I'd also skip milk products for a couple of days. Milks increases phlem production. does she like lemonade? it helps cleaning the phlem from the throat. for coughs:
5 drops peppermint oil + 2drops rosemary oil + 1 drop basil oil on a tissue and put it in the room (where your little ones can NOT get to it) and replace the tissue every day.

Good luck!~C.~

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answers from Honolulu on

"Mucinex" is great for breaking up mucous. Many Doctors and friends recommend it. We take that too, and it works.

There is a Mucinex for kids...Here is the link for it:

Check to see what age it can be used for.

BUt yes, certainly take her to the Doctor... any rattling sound or cough should be checked out, to rule out anything more serious.

All the best,

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what i do for my daughter is - use a cool mist humidafire (while she sleeps), and i put a pillow under her sheat to give her added lift at night (she already has a pillow she sleeps with). i agree with the warm fluids. maybe even try to give her a steam bath in the bathroom. good luck!



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-Steam bath with Johnson & Johnson's Vapor Bath bodywash
and baby vics on feet with socks------It's like magic.



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Also, the old "steam in the bathroom" trick! Be careful with the over the counter cold meds! Talk to your Dr. too :) I hate seeing our little ones sick! It makes me sad. Hope she gets better soon!




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Both of my girls have had trouble with chest congestion and coughs. Since they have been very young, we have used a nebulizer with albuterol. I have an ongoing RX for albuterol and start breathing treatments whenever they get a bad cough. My girls typically get the dry, seal-like bark cough.

Also steam in the shower.

Never give OTC. They are not safe!



answers from San Diego on

All the basics . . . push fluids (especially warm ones like chicken broth or warmed up apple juice), cold humidifier, steam in the shower/bath, vapor plug-ins and once they are over 2 years or 28 pounds, Mucinex to break up the phlegm. Good luck.

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