Breakfast Ideas for 14 Month Old

Updated on December 06, 2010
K.T. asks from Joliet, IL
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I'm out of breakfast ideas for my 14 month old daughter. I try to give her the jarred baby food but she won't eat it so I usually give her what ever I eat for breakfast. I give her yogurt, cheerios, sometimes I will share a bagel with cream cheese with her, pancakes. I make her scramled eggs sometimes but she doesn't seem to like it much. I feel bad feeding her the same stuff everyday. I'm out of ideas please share your ideas!

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answers from Chicago on

I wouldn't give jarred baby food at 14 months old. We stopped that around 11 months. They can eat everything we eat (well, besides a couple of things) and it tastes much better! I suggest cheese pieces, waffles, oatmeal, cream of wheat, hash browns...the list goes on.

Good luck - their eating habits change often!

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answers from Kansas City on

Fruit. Applesauce, peaches, pineapple chunks, pears, grapes (sliced in half so she doesn't choke), oranges, clementines, nectarines, avocodos, apples, plums, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries (watch out - they STAIN!), bananas,etc. My son has fruit nearly every morning.

Grain. Cereal, oatmeal (good with cinnamon), wheat toast, bagel, pita bread, tortilla (warmed, sprinkled with cinnamon and a tiny hint of sugar), English muffin, croissant, grits, cream of wheat, etc.

Veggies: who says you have to have them only for lunch or dinner? Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, pumpkin, chickpeas (hummus - have with toasted pita points - YUM!), eggplant (baba ganouj - again, with toasted pita points - double yumm!), or whatever she likes.

Protein. Yogurt, egg (try hard-boiled - my son likes them like that), omelet (with cheese and shredded chicken), nut butters (if no allergies - you might want to wait until she is 18 months old), milk, or cheese.

Make sure she has at least two (three is better) of the above categories.

Some combos we like are:
Yogurt with frozen blueberries stirred in
Yogurt with granola ("Crunchy Yogurt")
Cereal with milk and a banana (or other fruit)
Egg and toast with a clementine
Oatmeal and applesauce (sometimes mixed together)
Omelet and peaches
French toast and apple slices
Sweet potatoes and bananas (good mashed together, warmed with cinnamon and brown sugar)
Mixed fruit (whatever I have on hand: kiwis, strawberries, oranges, apples, etc.) and toast
We always have milk to drink with breakfast.

Skip the jarred junk. Feed her what you eat - hopefully a healthy breakfast!! You just have to cut it smaller.

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answers from Dallas on

We do bananas, waffles, pancakes, any fruit, bagels, cherrios, muffins, toast, eggs, bacon, biscuits. Of course this isn't all in one day, LOL. We do a fruit and grain everyday.

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answers from New York on

love this question, my son is a big foodie just like his parents, i feed him 100% organic veggies and fruits, for breakfast he'll usually have some of his dads simple indian cooking, spinach and lentils with cumin and an egg, he loves eggs, i'll just boil one peel it and he walks around nibbling on it, i also feed him buckwheat groats with onions and mushrooms, or quinoa, or just some fruit, like banana or tubes with mixed veggies or fruits

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answers from Chicago on

Yes, it's good that you feed her what you eat. Try making whole wheat crepes, waffles, egg omelets, and whole wheat french toast.

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answers from Chicago on

Sounds to me that your are giving her variety. My kids are in school and have cereal and milk almost EVERY day. Occationally they want a bagel or toast. On the weekends I make pancakes.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Mix some of the jarred baby food with either applesauce or plain/vanilla yogurt, also you can mix some with plain oatmeal. Make some fruit smoothies.

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answers from Chicago on

I know this may sound strange but if you want to try something different you could always try dinner for breakfast. You could also do a color theme to help teach colors. Example: Red Day breakfast could be cherry yogurt & cereal with berries (or spaghetti). Blue Day could be blueberry waffles. Yellow Day could be pancakes with sliced bananas... All in all though it sounds like you are already giving DD a good variety of foods.

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answers from San Antonio on

my one year old ate a banana every morning. Other ideas that come to mind:

-scrambled eggs with lots of butter and mozarella cheese
- oatmeal
- french toast with a good whole grain bread, maple syrup not aunt jemima
- cereal. my son loved/loves dipping wheaties in yogurt
- make banana bread or any other kind of yummy breakfast bread

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answers from Washington DC on

That all sounds good. Try adding cheese and vegigies to the eggs or veggies (like shredded carrot) to cream cheese. Oatmeal (real oats) is a fabulous breakfast ad a sash of jam gives it different flavors. I buy frozen whole grain waffles and offer yogurt for dipping. Sprinkle granola on yogurt and cereal. I aslo give toasted chees sometimes, just a slice of whole wheat breat with shredded cheese broile dint eh oven for a minute.

Jar baby food is gross and expensive. Just mash/dice some fruit and let her eat what you eat. Jarred baby food is a racket!

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answers from Chicago on

fresh fruit! buy plain yogurt and doctor it up with some frozen berries. try eggs fried or hard boiled. my daughter wouldnt eat scrambled for 2 years....but other than that she can eat anything. Morning is a great time to start with high carb stuff like fruit and whole grain waffles and cereal.

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answers from Los Angeles on

At 14 months, she should be developing her pincer grasp & jaw strength to pick up any kind of finger food & also bite through small crunchy things (cheerios, for example). She should also be exploring a wide variety of foods to develop tastes for a big variety of foods.
Some of our standby options are the ones you already listed (eggs, yogurt, toast) but here are a few of my son's more exotic, but easy-to-make favorites:
Banana french toast (mash a banana into the egg/milk mixture & make french toast with whole wheat bread)
Sweet potato (or banana) pancakes - mix any of the starchy or fruity baby food (or a steamed, pureed variety) into pancake batter. Add a little cinnamon
Whole wheat waffles with jam & cream cheese
Eggs w/ veggies, cheese added (tiny omelets)

I was amazed to find that my 18 month old somehow had figured out how to eat yogurt with a spoon without mess! Cereal too.

I think it's great to give her anything you're up for eating. As you add variety into her diet, you might add some variety into your own.

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answers from Honolulu on

its fine. she eats. She is not grumbling about having the same thing.

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