Breakfast Drink for 4 Year Old

Updated on August 06, 2010
S.B. asks from Gloucester, MA
10 answers

Hi Moms,
My very skinny 4 year old is due to start preschool. He takes forever to eat breakfast and doesn't really want to eat until later in the morning. Wondered if any moms had tried the carnation breakfast drinks or could recommend an alternative (organic?)

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answers from Providence on

I have been giving Carnation to my 6 y/o son since he was 2 b/c he is so skinny and is very slow when it comes to eating. He like chocolate the best. He still drinks it with whole milk b/c the DR said he needs the extra fat. I haven't tried any of the other drinks b/c the thought of buying a canned milk product that can sit on the store shelf grosses me out! You can also try making smoothies with yogurt. I mix yogurt with OJ and mixed fruit he really likes those. Good luck.



answers from Boston on

Reliv Kids Now has a superior shake that has been around for over ten yrs. Has contained DHA and many other quality ingredients. Great for balanced nutrition and increased brain function. Helps build immune system naturally. Comes in Choc and Van and tastes awesome.
Plus a 30 money back guarantee J. H



answers from Boston on

Our super skinny 4 yr old won't eat before school either, so we give him a Stoneyfield Farms yogurt smoothie (the 10 oz one) before school. It has 10grams of protein and about 250 calories. You could add supplements to that too and he wouldn't know. That works for us!



answers from Boston on

My three year old loves pediasure. We call it "Teddy Bear Milk" because it has a picture of a bear on it. There are different flavors...he likes the vanilla with fiber.



answers from Hartford on

My 4 year old ( who likes carnation instant breakfast "chocolate" milk. He also loves smoothes made with yogurt (greek if possible!). Another occasional last ditch thing that I (occasionally!!!) let him have are the Earth Best cookie monster cookies. They are fortified with 20% of many vitamins and minerals. The cinnamon ones are YUMMY with cream cheese, made into little sandwhiches. (so are the Elmo grahams from Earth's Best as well!) HTH



answers from Dallas on

How about making him smoothies in the morning? Yogurt, fruit, and either milk or fruit juice. My son will be 4 in 2 wks and he just loves them any time of day. I really dont like those morning drinks and would hate to substitute a meal for one.


answers from Milwaukee on

My daughter will be 4 in a week, and she is a healthy skinny. I have found making a smoothie for breakfast is awesome (if your precious one will drink them). I use only OJ (or any juice you/child like), fruit (frozen or fresh), yogurt, and then add a few powders like fiber or other nutritious powders that are organic and good for my little one that she might not otherwise be getting since she does eat very little or picky on items. I make them two at a time, one for daughter and one for me :)


answers from Boston on

I agree with Joanne H. Reliv Kids NOW has the balanced formula that kids need and it makes up for a lot of their diet deficiencies from being picky eaters. Even if they eat organically, that food doesn't have everything in it that they need. Carnation and other instant breakfasts have a lot of junk in it they don't need - sugar, emulsifiers so it doesn't separate, and more. Reliv can be mixed into smoothies with yogurt and fruit if desired, but plain water is great too - it's so highly absorbed that there is no waste, and the nutrition is working at the cellular level in 20 minutes. Nobody else can claim/prove that. The ingredients are bought from top sources (90% of the vendors of ingredients are rejected) and they have to come with certificates of analysis from 3rd party labs, and they are tested again after formulation. The purity is unmatched in the industry.

All the kids who drink it regularly get such a huge boost to their immune system that they don't usually get sick much, if ever. You will see a huge difference! You get it through a trained nutritional consultant who will help you, so it's much better than buying it in a store that doesn't care whether you get results or not - there are lots of recipes available too so you can mix it up a bit.

Happy to give you more info.



answers from Boston on

You can try drinkable yogurt. Stoneyfield farms makes some as does other brands. I would look for the Yobaby ones if you are trying to add calories. As for the carnation instant breakfast drink you can make it with organic milk. Our feeding specialist actually recommends carnation instant breakfast drink instead of pediasure because it has all the nutrition and less sugar.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My son liked Carnation drinks. You can mix with organic milk. Also I agree with fruit smoothies--yogurt plus fruit and a little milk.
My son was a SUPER slowpoke in the morning until morning Kindergarten began. He always wanted to stay in his jammies & eat breakfast around 10ish (can't blame him!) Just wanted to tell you that it didn't take him long to get in a better morning routing once K started. After a few weeks he was getting up, eating, dressing & doing teeth in about a half hour.

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